Mickey Guyton, husband Grant Savoy & Their Son Grayson; Photos Courtesy of Social Media
Mickey Guyton, husband Grant Savoy & Their Son Grayson; Photos Courtesy of Social Media

Mickey Guyton Talks Her Son Grayson & Says Her Husband Grant Savoy Is Her “Biggest Fan”

Country music songstress Mickey Guyton wrote her latest single “Somethin’ Bout You” about her husband Grant Savoy, who she says is her “biggest fan.”

At the 15th Annual Academy of Country Music Honors in Nashville, Tennessee, Guyton spoke with ET‘s Cassie DiLaura about her supportive husband and their precious son Grayson.

The “Better Than You Left Me” singer welcomed her little boy Grayson in February 2021 and explained that, while she was having fun at the ACM Honors, “It’s really hard to leave him.”

Guyton gushed about Grayson’s recent leaps with his language skills. “Oh my God, y’all, he’s talking! He’s saying words, he can say octopus — or he said, ‘Ocpus.’ And ‘dinosaur.’ It’s just crazy!”

She says that her son can already recognize and love his mom’s music, too.

“He really loves to see me [and hear me]. He’s at the point where he can, like, recall songs, so he knows it’s his mama,” she said. Grayson seems to love her new single “Somethin’ Bout You,” which is a love letter to Guyton’s husband, Grant Savoy.

“That man is my biggest fan and he loves the song. I wrote it about him,” Guyton shared. “Really, it’s about just loving that person that just means so much to me.”

Guyton recently performed live on the TODAY show, with her husband and son cheering her on from the crowd. She became emotional at one point during her performance of “Lay It On Me” while making eye contact with her family.

She told Hoda Kotb that she had written the song about her husband while he was going through some health issues and that it felt like a full circle moment. “For him to now be okay, and we figured it out. And now I’m here on this stage with him and now our son, it’s just too much!” she explained.

When asked how she manages to balance her career with having an 18-month-old, the country hitmaker also expressed gratitude for her village of people that continue to support her, from her mom and dad to her sisters and hairstylists, calling them her “village.”

Guyton revealed that she took a step back from social media and focused on what was in front of her, which inspired her new single “Somethin’ Bout You.”

“What I saw in front of me was love,” recalled Guyton. “And that’s what I wrote about. I think the world needs so much of it right now. Especially right now. So that’s what I want to do is bring love and light.”

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