Machine Gun Kelly; Photo Provided
Machine Gun Kelly; Photo Provided

Machine Gun Kelly Surprises With New Energy-Filled, Pop-Punk Anthem “Concert for Aliens”

Machine Gun Kelly surprised fans with an energetic, pop-punk song “Concert for Aliens” on Wednesday (August 5).

The rapper revealed on Tuesday (August 4) via Twitter that he will be dropping two new songs this week including “Concert For Aliens” and another that has not yet been revealed.

The song opens with lyrics about the world ending before calling for an SOS in the chorus, which you can read below:

The headlines say The world is over / What ever happened to a fairytale ending? / You can’t pass if you don’t know the codeword / I’m inside a UFO crash landing / I’m in a room by the door with a space invader / I know that I’m immature / But at least I’m not a goddamn failure / SOS, I’m callin’ / SOS, I’m callin’ out / SOS, I’m fallin’ / SOS, I’m fallin’ now / Upside down, upside down, upside down / My life is rollercoaster, rollercoaster / Get me off this rollercoaster…

He says that the music video for the track is his “favorite video” and it was filmed by his close friend ModSun on August 1. However, It has not yet been told when the music video will be release.

On Monday (July 20), The track was previously teased on Good Morning America with collaborator Travis Barker as a mysterious song until he later announced on Twitter the name of the song and its release date.

“Concerts For Aliens” follows his infectious single “Bloody Valentine” and is off his much-anticipated fifth studio album, Tickets To My Downfall. The release date for the album has not yet been revealed.

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