Luke Grimes Releases Cover Of “Clay Pigeons,” A Song He Calls “One Of My Favorite Songs Of All Time”

“In my opinion, Blaze Foley is one of the more underrated singer-songwriters in the history books of country music,” Luke Grimes said.


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Posted on April 29, 2023

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Luke Grimes; Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Luke Grimes is continuing to share new music with his fans.

The Yellowstone star-turned-country singer released a cover of Blaze Foley’s “Clay Pigeons” Friday via Amazon Music, according to a press release. The song was originally released by Foley in 1989, the same release indicated.

In sharing more about his cover of “Clay Pigeons,” Grimes said it was “one of [his] favorite songs of all time.”

Luke Grimes Amazon Original Cover Of "Clay Pigeons"
Luke Grimes Amazon Original Cover Of “Clay Pigeons”

“In my opinion, Blaze Foley is one of the more underrated singer-songwriters in the history books of country music,” Grimes said. “He truly was outlaw country in every sense, and he practiced what he preached.”

“Clay Pigeons is not only my favorite song from Blaze, but one of my favorite songs of all time,” he added. “The structure, melody, and lyrics are all so simple, yet they come together to say something so profound. The songwriting is masterful. There has always been something so comforting to me about the melancholy feel of this song.”

“I’m goin’ down to the Greyhound Station/Gonna buy a ticket to ride/I’m gonna find that lady with two or three kids/And sit down by her side/Ride till the sun comes up and down/Around about two or three times/Smokin’ cigarettes in the last seat/Sing this song for the people I meet/And get along with it all/Where the people say “y’all”/Sing a song with a friend/Change the shape that I’m in/And get back in the game/And start playin’ again,” Grimes sings on the first verse.

“I’d like to stay, but I might have to go to start over again/I might go back down to Texas/Or go to somewhere that I’ve never been/And get up in the mornin’ and go out at night/And I won’t have to go home/Get used to being alone/Change the words to this song/And start singin’ again,” he continues on the chorus.

The song is available via the Amazon Music app and Alexa-enabled devices, the same release noted.

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Grimes Released Severals New Songs: “Hold On,” “Oh Ohio,” And “no Horse To Ride”

Prior to releasing his cover of “Clay Pigeons,” Grimes shared his original song, “Hold On” with fans on Apr. 21. He also previously dropped songs, “Oh Ohio” and his debut single, “No Horse To Ride.” The three tracks are slated to appear on the Yellowstone star’s first album with Mercury Nashville / Range Music.

In discussing his original music, Grimes revealed how much he loves the track, “Hold On,” which he co-wrote with Foy Vance and Ilsey Juber.

“‘Hold On’ has become one of my favorite songs on the (upcoming) album,” the Yellowstone star said. “Foy Vance is one of my favorite current songwriters, and although he and I couldn’t get together in person, I knew I wanted him to be a part of this album.”

Luke Grimes; Photo Courtesy of NBC
Luke Grimes; Photo Courtesy of NBC

“He had this song that had not been cut, and I immediately fell in love with the words; I felt so connected to it. It’s a familiar feeling, the fear of falling too deeply for someone because you could ultimately get hurt. I think it’s a universal feeling for anyone who has had their heart broken,” he explained.

The song, “Oh Ohio” is another one that’s close to Grimes’ heart. Grimes is an Ohio native. In addition, the Yellowstone star used the song’s proceeds to assist with relief efforts in East Palestine following a toxic train derailment that impacted the town.

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Luke Grimes Is Working On His Debut Album

Grimes announced he’d be pivoting to music back in December 2022 when he inked a major record deal with Range Music in association with Universal Music Group Nashville (UMGN).

Cindy Mabe, the label’s president said she was “so excited” to welcome the talented actor to the UMGN family.

“As an actor, Luke Grimes has effortlessly brought the cowboy lifestyle to the forefront of American culture,” Mabe shared. “As a country music artist, Luke has tapped into that same honesty and authenticity to capture a raw grit and pure depth of artistry that will expand the sound and reach of country music. We are so excited and proud to welcome Luke Grimes to Universal Music Group Nashville.”

In addition to working on his debut album, Grimes will be appearing at various music festivals this summer, including Stagecoach this weekend.

Additionally, Grimes’ performance will be available to watch via the festival’s livestream on the Amazon Music channel on Twitch and Prime at 2:35 pm PT, according to the same release.

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