Luke Bryan; Photo Courtesy of Opry Extras
Luke Bryan; Photo Courtesy of Opry Extras on YouTube

Luke Bryan Recalls “Tears Were Flowing” After Receiving A Meaningful Christmas Gift From His Wife Caroline

Luke Bryan recalls that the most meaningful gift that his wife Caroline has ever gotten him.

The American Idol judge and country superstar recently shared his Christmas traditions, favorite Christmas movie, favorite part about the holidays, his favorite gift as a child and also revealed the most meaningful gift he’s ever received from his wife Caroline.

The gift was not only meaningful but also very emotional as it was his late brother Chris’ pickup truck. Bryan’s brother Chris was tragically killed in a car accident at the age of 26, when Bryan was 19 years old in 1996.

The “Down To One” singer labeled the gift as “by far the best Christmas present” that he has “ever gotten and will ever get.” Continuing to explain that his wife Caroline went to found his late brother’s truck from 1996 down in Louisiana after tracking the truck via its VIN number and finding that it was still on the road. His wife then surprised him with the gift on Christmas Eve night by pulling it into their driveway, which had tears flowing down the superstar’s face.

“My wife Caroline went and found my brother’s old pickup truck from 1996 that they found the VIN number and it was down in Louisiana and it was still on the road,” Bryan began to explain. “And her and my dad went down, they picked it up, brought it to Nashville and Christmas Eve night pulled into the driveway with it, and let’s just say that yes, the tears were flowing, and it will never be topped. I don’t know how you’ll ever top it. What an amazing moment for me and my family and it was pretty special.  And that truck is where we do our turkey hunting; it’s the turkey hunting truck. So, all my turkey hunting gear stays in there, and when the boys see me pull up in my brother’s truck, they know we’re fixing to go turkey hunting.”

Bryan also revealed that his favorite Christmas gift as a child had wheels and a motor, as well.

“My favorite Christmas gift is definitely my first Honda 50 motorcycle that I got back in 1984,” Bryan said. “It was just an amazing gift to have under the tree, and I never will forget seeing that as I walked out.”

No word as of yet on what his wife will be getting him this year but we do know that that gift will be hard to top. The couple has however began their infamous ’12 days of Pranksmas’ on Caroline’s Instagram.

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