Luke And Caroline Bryan; Photo Courtesy of Jockey
Luke And Caroline Bryan; Photo Courtesy of Jockey

Luke Bryan And His Wife Caroline Are Couple Goals Sharing Intimate Moments In New Jockey Video — WATCH

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline are couple goals!

The couple are the current brand ambassadors for the apparel company and have appeared in several of the company’s commercials. The Bryan’s are now sharing some intimate moments with fans in a new Jockey social media video series dubbed Intimate Moments With Luke And Caroline.

In several clips shared to Jockey’s social media, Bryan and his wife answered some questions and some of their answers were hysterical.

When replying to the question, “How did your family react when you told them you were going to be a part of the Jockey family?” The Bryan’s laughed before Caroline gave her answer.

“I had to my father, well my mom and dad and dad was like ‘well, you know that’s what I wear’ and i’m like ‘yes, dad I know’ but he goes ‘well are you going to be in underwear?’ and I said there’s a little more to the brand then just underwear,” Caroline explained while Bryan laughed.

Bryan’s wife revealed that she said I love you first as Bryan giggled.

“Who said I love you first? I did,” Caroline said. “I totally did, cause I remember the exact… And then you went ‘oh my god I love you too’

“Haha, I was like finally,” Bryan added while laughing before Caroline added, “no I did, I did say it first.”

During the series of Intimate moments with The Bryan’s, they were also asked what their favorite song is.

“Historically, our favorite song has been Lenny Kravitz ‘I Just Can’t Get You Off My Mind,'” Bryan said while singing a snippet of the song, while Caroline nodded her head in agreement.

Known for the hilarious pranks on each other, The Bryan’s shared who is the better prankster.

“She’s the queen of pranks and I am the subject, i’m the recipient,” Bryan confessed before his wife added “that’s not true, not always.”

“I got started with the pranks kind of on accident,” Caroline recalled. “We were just we’ve always done stuff to each other to each other, even in college, like he would put Vaseline under my car door handle or Vaseline on the windshield or just anything that would just be annoying. One day Luke was on the phone and i just air horned him, and posted it. He got me back the next day and then it just became a thing.”

“She climbed a second story in my fraternity house, I don’t know how they got in, climbed through the window and destroyed,” Bryan explained. “Turned every piece of furniture I had upside down. So, I get there and I have no underwear. She took all my underwear and wet ’em then put them in the freeze of the fraternity house, so I found them two months later in a frozen ball.”

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