LISTEN: Graham Barham Releases Anthemic New Single, “BEER BY MY BED”

“I got hammered and woke up literally next to a beer and wrote that title down in my phone,” Barham explained of the tune.


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Posted on February 10, 2023

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Graham Barham; Photo Courtesy of “BEER BY MY BED” Music Video

Graham Barham released a brand-new song, titled “BEER BY MY BED,” on Friday (Feb. 10). The song will quickly have you singing along to its anthemic chorus.

Produced by Will Bundy and co-written by Barham alongside Sam Backoff, Summer Overstreet and Beau Bailey, “BEER BY MY BED” is inspired by a true story and finds Barham recalling the aftermath of a long night out at the bar.

“I got hammered and woke up literally next to a beer and wrote that title down in my phone, everything in the chorus is true as absolute f–k,” Barham told Music Mayhem.

“Where are my boots? How’d I get home? / I ain’t in no cell, but I can’t find my phone / What the hell did I say? Did I piss you off? / Thought you’d be here, but I woke up instead / With this beer by my bed, a hole in my heart / Pound in my head and a half cigarette / In this beer by my bed,” Barham sings on the tune’s chorus.

In addition to sharing the new single, Barham also released a music video for the anthemic track.

“I have an awesome creative team and we kind of ran through everything that happened the morning after all of the debauchery,” Barham shared of how the music video came together.

YouTube video

“BEER BY MY BED” follows Barham’s viral hit, “BREAK IT IN A BAR,” which he released in December of 2022.

The tune was written by Barham and his childhood friend, Beau Bailey, who he recently dubbed “one of the most talented writers that I’ve ever been around in my life” during an interview with Music Mayhem.

According to the country hitmaker, he and Bailey wrote the song in just 45 minutes.

“He wrote the first verse and chorus. I tweaked a little bit of it. We spit out the second verse like that and the song was written in 45 minutes, maybe less than that,” Barham revealed.

Graham Barham; Photo Provided
Graham Barham; Photo Provided

For about six months, Barham and Bailey have attempted to write a song inspired by Barham’s bartending gig and Bailey personal life experiences.

“He had dated a girl back home and I was kind of doing what I do and never settling down,” Barham shared. While reflecting on the demise of previous relationships, Bailey added, “If they’re gonna do it, it might as well be somewhere we’re close to whiskey,” and that’s where “BREAK IT IN A BAR” was born.

YouTube video

When asked if “BREAK IT IN A BAR” and “BEER BY MY BED” will appear on a bigger project to come, Barham told us, “no comment right now. [I’m currently] focused on singles but really excited to get new music out.”

While Barham doesn’t currently have plans to share a full length project, he previously told us that he recently signed a six-song record deal.

“I just signed a six song deal with… don’t even know if I’m supposed to say this or not, I don’t care. I signed a six song deal with basically Virgin Records. It’s a subsidiary, BMG,” Barham said. Of the six songs, he has already released three, including “Preachers Need People,” “BREAK IT IN A BAR” and his latest release, “BEER BY MY BED.”

He plans to continue releasing singles every six weeks moving forward. Barham is also excited to begin touring in the near future, “I do know that I’m gonna be playing shows, which is gonna be awesome, so I’m super excited about that.”

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