LISTEN: Caitlyn Smith Shares “Lately” From Forthcoming New Project, ‘High & Low’

“Nobody can have the highs without the lows,” explained Smith.


Ally Roden


Posted on February 20, 2023

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Caitlyn Smith; Photo Courtesy of Rob Morgan

Monument Records’ Caitlyn Smith brings High, the self-produced first half of her most recent project, full-circle with the announcement of the record’s second part, High & Low. Due April 14, High & Low will offer an additional six new songs to the already released High’s eight tracks. To preorder/pre-save High & Low, click here.

For the critically acclaimed singer/songwriter, the creation of the second half of her record represented a metamorphosis. After time spent reflecting, Smith realized she had shared many of the “highs” of her life publicly, yet kept the “lows” private.

Through the writing process and production of High & Low, she allowed herself to peel back the curtain, accepting all parts of her life, including the “lows.”

“Nobody can have the highs without the lows,” explained Smith. “When I decided to produce this album, I knew it was going to be a challenge — and musically it was a beautifully stretching and exciting experience. But it brought me into this unexpected season of life where I started facing all these roadblocks that were holding me back. Fear. Doubt. Denial. And I was really forced to finally bring these issues into the light. I went from hiding behind my songs to being able to say it out loud in the room — and that’s something I’m really proud of.”

The rising star gave fans their first taste of High & Low with the release of “Lately” from the project on Jan, 20. Penned by Caitlyn alongside Gordie Sampson and Troy Verges, the single shows listeners a more vulnerable side of the singer as the lyrics detail attempts to overcome the difficulties that accompany loss with a series of distractions.

“Lately I’ve been planting flowers/ And watching movies/ Trying to keep my mind occupied/ They say it takes ten thousand hours/ So, I’m learning Beethoven sonatas/ One measure at a time/ But the truth is baby, you/ You’ve been on my mind, on my mind, on my mind, lately/ When I say lately, I mean every second since you been gone/ No matter what I do, it all comes back to you every time,” sings Smith in the project’s first single.

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“I’d realized that I’d grown into this version of myself that only wanted to show and talk about the highs and became quite dependent on keeping up this façade that I have it all together,” she shared. “Real life is gritty, and wild, and never perfect, and it’s given me so much freedom to be able to be more vulnerable not always put on a happy face, and be honest and unafraid of the more difficult feelings.”

Fans can stream “Lately” now here

High & Low’s additional five new tracks paint a fuller picture of who Caitlyn is as an artist, embracing the ups and downs that make everyone more human.

Caitlyn Smith’s High & Low Track List

1. High – Intro

2. High

3. Dreamin’s Free

4. Lately

5. Mississippi

6. Good As Us

7.  Alaska

8. Maybe In Another Life

9. I Think Of You

10. Nothing Against You

11. Downtown Baby

12. Writing Songs and Raising Babies

13. I Don’t Like The World Without You

14. The Great Pretender

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