Breakthrough artist Lily Rose showcases her playful swagger with her latest single “Whatcha Know About That,” written by Dave Pittenger, Jonathan Hutcherson, Sydney Cubit and Miranda Glory. The song asks a love interest if they know the perks of a laid-back country lifestyle, in hopes of sparking a relationship.

Rose chatted with Music Mayhem about recording outside cuts like her latest single, her favorite memory from touring with Sam Hunt, and how the new music she’s working on shows a softer side of her personality.

“I love cutting outside songs,” says Rose, adding that the best songs always wins. She recalls hearing the demo of “Whatcha Know About That” and why she decided to record it.

“I heard that chorus hit with the four on the floor, punchy beat, and I was like, dang, we don’t have anything like this yet, which was really important,” says Rose. “I think it’s always good to try to hit every aspect of a catalog that you can, and this gives us a really cool song that’s not only fun with the windows down in your car, but it’s great live too.”

When thinking about the live aspect of the song, Rose thought of a fellow country artist. “We don’t really have a Keith Urban-esque country song yet in our set and this brings that element.”

Rose is no stranger to filming music videos, having shot several in the past year and a half of being signed to a record deal. She says that making the “Whatcha Know About That” video has been her favorite experience so far.

“Getting to drive a car in a video is always fun, but that ‘93 Bronco, the wheel, I felt like I was driving a boat,” laughed Rose. “You’d go to turn it and you were like, oh, I’ve gotta turn just to go a little bit. So when they told me to drive at 40 miles an hour, I was kind of like, all right, well here we go. Luckily I’m here to tell the tale now, but it was very fun and challenging.”

To celebrate her new single, Rose asked fans on TikTok to submit videos showing couples doing what they love using “Whatcha Know About That.”


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♬ Whatcha Know About That – Lily Rose

“I think there are a lot of couples out there that are like me and D [Daira] that like to go and have a beverage for a couple of hours and hit the bars and watch sports and all of that,” says Rose. “But it’s been really fun to see couples hiking together, couples driving around in the car.”

Rose has enjoyed seeing the stories of fans through their video submissions. “It was so fun to just see not only one moment of 60 seconds of one moment, but seeing couples and their happiness through a lot of different days and time.”

In her own relationship, Rose is in the middle of planning her wedding to fiancé Daira Eamon. “We are in the thick of it right now,” says Rose. “We’re about five months out from the wedding. We did such a long engagement that we’ve kind of been able to put some things off and be like, oh, we have so much time… and now we’re really in it. We’re having a blast. It’s every free moment of your life, you’re talking something about the wedding. We’re living it up, excited to be in this chapter, but we’re excited for it to come and be here.”

Rose just released a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” on Amazon Music, sharing the news on Instagram.

“Springsteen has been such an influential part of who I am as an artist, songwriter and entertainer,” Rose wrote. “Stoked to work with @amazonmusic on releasing this cover for y’all! “Dancing In The Dark” available on Amazon Music now!”

All the music that Rose has released in 2022 have been outside cuts, written by other songwriters. But, she has several self-penned songs that are special to her.

“We actually have a couple in the tank that I was a writer on that mean a lot to me,” says Rose. “Every song that I put out and record means a lot to me, but it’s extra special if you get to be from the initial birth of the song, in the writing room.”

She also teased some possible collaborations that may go out to country radio. “I think a lot of these next ones are a little bit different than what we’ve got so far. Not as punchy, not as the angry breakup stuff. A little bit more of the softer side of Lily Rose music.”

The ACM New Female Artist of the Year nominee just wrapped up a tour with Sam Hunt, praising his kindness. “We love that crew,” says Rose. “I can’t say enough good things about that entire touring family and it all starts with Sam. He’s just so nice and he’s thoughtful and he helps the next one in line and they’ve just been so, so great to us.”

Her favorite memory from touring with Hunt was playing games at a New Hampshire venue. “We played up in Gilford, New Hampshire and that’s one of the best backstage areas ever. They have football and big wheel trikes and basketball and mini golf and all of that. So it was fun that day to see a bunch of grown adults on kids toys, playing basketball and eating really good food. They’re a fun camp.”

Rose is currently opening for Dylan Scott on his “Amen to That Tour,” which runs through November 19 in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. She says that the length of her set list may vary, but the vibe will be consistent.

“Sometimes you get 30, sometimes 45 from us, but either way we are not playing any ballads. It is bangers only. We are high energy. We’re gonna warm you up, cause Dylan comes out there and slays it. So get ready to sing and get ready to move for sure.”

To see a full list of tour dates and ticket information, go to

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