Lainey Wilson’s “Heart Like A Truck” Showcases Growth While Staying True To Her Signature Bell Bottom Country Sound

Fresh on the heels of two back-to-back chart-topping hits “Things A Man Oughta Know” and “Never Say Never,” Lainey Wilson is putting the pedal down with her just released semi-autobiographical tune, “Heart Like A Truck.” The reigning ACM New Female…


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Posted on May 20, 2022

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Lainey Wilson; Photo by Nick Rau

Fresh on the heels of two back-to-back chart-topping hits “Things A Man Oughta Know” and “Never Say Never,” Lainey Wilson is putting the pedal down with her just released semi-autobiographical tune, “Heart Like A Truck.”

The reigning ACM New Female Artist Of The Year and Louisiana native dropped the new song on Friday (May 20), marking the first taste of new music as she revs up to release her forthcoming new album later this year. “Heart Like A Truck,” which is the lead single from her upcoming project, showcases Wilson’s growth as an artist, person and songwriter since she released Sayin’ What I’m Thinkin’, but remains true to her signature Bell Bottom Country sound.

Produced by Jay Joyce and Co-written by Wilson alongside Trannie Anderson and Dallas Wilson, “Heart Like A Truck” finds Wilson using clever metaphors within the lyrics, comparing a heart to a truck, to detail her tough journey to stardom while powering through rejection and doubt but always remembering to stay true to yourself and keep going no matter what struggles life throws your way.

“I got a heart like a truck / It’s been drug through the mud / Runs on dreams and gasoline / And that ole highway holds the key / It’s got a lead foot down when it’s leaving / Lord knows it’s taken a hell of a beating / A little bit of love is all that it’s needing / But it’s good as it is tough / I got a heart like a truck,” Wilson sings on the chorus.

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The song brings a message that everyone can relate to.

“These past few months have been such a whirlwind, but man, it was quite the journey to get here. Miley wasn’t playing when she said, ‘it’s about the climb,’ because it really is what builds character and teaches you the most about yourself,” Wilson explained.

“This is a song about finding freedom in strength, and not being afraid of your scars and bruises. A truck that has hit a few bumps and earned a few scratches has proved itself and its tenacity…the shiny one on the lot can’t say that,” Lainey explained. “I’ve been through some shit. We all have. But when you get through it, you’re stronger and better for it on the other side. Nothing can hold me back from moving forward and finding a way to enjoy life, no matter what. I hope this song reminds y’all of that.” 


In addition to sharing the new single, Wilson also released a cinematic music video for the track, directed by Elizabeth Olmstead. 

Filmed at a historic farm in Franklin, TN, the visually stunning clip tells the story of a newbie, underdog horse trainer that struggles to gain the acceptance of her peers. Wilson plays the lead role in the clip, marking her acting debut. Throughout the music video, Wilson showcases her horseback talents alongside an array of beautiful landscapes, performance scenes and of course, a truck. 

“I learned to ride horses before I learned to walk so, I felt right at home on set, but I’ll admit, I was a little nervous to really do character acting for the first time—it ended up being such a creatively fulfilling and thrilling experience,” Wilson shared.

She continued, “I worked with Elizabeth for a Frito’s commercial spot with Yellowstone and was so impressed by her talent, I had to have her be a part of this project—she really wowed me on this one. It was also really cool that it ended up being a whole team of badass women in charge of bringing this thing to life. It ain’t every day that you walk on a set and have a female director, executive producer, director of photography, etc. so them all being able to relate to the protagonist made me feel like there was an extra level of care, it was really special.”

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“Heart Like A Truck” follows Wilson’s first-ever No. 1 hit and ACM Song Of The Year, “Things A Man Oughta Know,” and her most recent chart-topper with Cole Swindell, “Never Say Never.” The song, which impacts Country radio on May 23, is destined to quickly become her next chart-topping success.

Wilson is gearing up to hit the road with Luke Combs later this year on his Middle Of Somewhere Tour

During a recent interview with Audacy’s Katie & Company, Wilson opened up about the opportunity to go on the road with Combs.

“So pumped. I’ve known Luke since probably 2014, and he used to come over to my camper trailer and we’d write songs. I was one of his very first co-writes in Nashville, and I remind him of it all the time. I’m like, ‘remember when you drank my cold drinks?’ Hopefully we get a chance to [write], we’ll be on a bus during that tour so I know it will be a little more relaxed, but I’m sure we will at some point in time when we get into the groove of things… It would be so fun to sit down with him again.”

Wilson will deliver the television debut of “Heart Like A Truck” on Tuesday, May 24, on the TODAY Show.

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