Lacey Sturm Confirms Talks with Breaking Benjamin’s Ben Burnley About Starting New Band Together

Former Flyleaf vocalist Lacey Sturm spoke to Brandon Woolum of CCM Magazine in a recent interview speaking about filling in for Skillet drummer, Jen Ledger while on tour with Breaking Benjamin and future plans which include starting a new band with Breaking Benjamin frontman Benjamin Burnley.

Sturm told CCM Magazine about starting a new band with Burnley saying, “There’s been talk about starting a band with the singer from BREAKING BENJAMIN, Ben Burnley,” Continuing to tease fans about their forthcoming collaboration on Breaking Benjamin’s acoustic album saying, “he talked with me about singing on his acoustic album, which just came out [It is not yet out, no release date has been confirmed] — singing on ‘Dear Agony’, which I think is one of their best songs…. when I listened to the lyrics, I just was like, ‘This is Jesus in the Garden,’ and I just started crying. That’s how I knew I should do it. When I was in the studio with Ben, I was like, ‘Let me tell you about your song.’ He goes, ‘Are you going to preach to me?’ I’m like, ‘Do you want me to preach to you?’ He’s, like, ‘Yeah.’ I’m like, ‘No, I’m not going to preach to you. You preached to me. Let me show you the lyrics in your song,’ and I went through the lyrics and showed him what it said to me. He goes, ‘How’d you turn my rock song into a Jesus song?'”

Burnley confirmed the same news in an interview with Razor 94.7 at Rock USA saying, “I don’t know if she’d be mad at me for saying anything about it or not but me and Lacey [Sturm] have been talking about doing another band together, We just want to do like a record,” continuing to tell the interview “We have talking a bit here and there about it, it’d be something different and I think that would be really cool.”

Watch the full CCM Magazine interview below:

Listen to Burnley’s full 94.7 Interview, HERE.

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