Kylie Morgan; Photos Courtesy of TikTok Screenshots
Kylie Morgan; Photos Courtesy of TikTok Screenshots

Kylie Morgan’s “Bridesmaids” Explodes On TikTok, Earning Over 4.5 Million Views In Under 48 Hours

Kylie Morgan recently shared a new kind of proposal song that went viral on TikTok.

While most proposal songs are written from the groom to the bride, Morgan’s song is from her to her bridesmaids.

The song, aptly titled, “Bridesmaids” earned over 4.5 million views in under 48 hours. The TikTok video also features Morgan and her bride tribe, who’ll stand beside her when she says “I do” to fiancé Jay Allen on Oct. 1.


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♬ Bridesmaids – Kylie Morgan

She got me through high school / She’d probably post my bail / And she’s the one who’d get me drunk, be next to me in jail / She knows she’s my voice of reason / She’s my biggest fan / She’s who told me, ‘leave the boy and find yourself a man,'” Morgan sang along to her song, gesturing at each of her bridesmaids during the lyric that corresponded to them.

“Yeah / If girls run the world / You’re why mine keeps spinning / So I gotta ask you / Will you be my bridesmaids / My ride or dies / My champagne tipsy kinda tribe / Wild ones right by my side / Rocking black while I’m wearing white / Sisters I get to choose / Might’ve found the one, but I need you too / The song’s always about the groom, but I just can’t say I do / Without my bridesmaids,” Morgan continued.

She also made a follow-up videos highlighting the second verse and the third verse of the song. 

Fans got so excited over the song, Morgan shared that she will be releasing the song on Sept. 16 in a subsequent TikTok video.

“This is the fastest song that’s ever blown up for me on [TikTok],” Morgan shared. In addition to releasing the song, Morgan said “Bridesmaids” will be her next single.


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♬ Bridesmaids – Kylie Morgan

Morgan got engaged to her long-time boyfriend Allen on the Whiskey Jam stage in Nashville on Memorial Day Weekend 2021. Allen, who asked Morgan’s dad’s permission to marry her, said he knew he “wanted to make the proposal part of the show,” according to People.

“I had no idea how it was going to happen, what he was going to do, what the ring was going to look like,” Morgan said of the proposal. “So, all of that was a true surprise and it was absolutely perfect,” she told the outlet.

Morgan recently shared a series of engagement photos to her Instagram page, writing, “50 days till I add “Allen” to my ID,” including a 😉 in the caption. Her fiancé reacted to the post, commenting, “My wife.”

Kylie Morgan’s next scheduled tour date is on September 22 at Moonshine Beach in San Diego, California.

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