Kelsea Ballerini Tells Kelly Clarkson About The Night She Embarrassed Herself In Front Of Miranda Lambert

Kelsea Ballerini detailed an embarrassing moment she had in front of Miranda Lambert after the 2020 CMA Music Awards during her virtual appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show on Friday (Jan. 29).

In an interview, Ballerini shared the full story with Kelly Clarkson of the embarrassing moment that happened after the 2020 CMA Music Awards. Ballerini explained that while she was drinking a glass of wine at a CMA Awards afterparty in front of Lambert, who she never even met before at the time, her wine glass shattered in her mouth and gave her a bloody lip.

The “Hole In The Bottle” singer says I embarrass myself a lot,” before going on to explain how she embarrassed herself, “I went to the CMAs, they had them in person and were able to do it safely and get everyone tested and be in the same room together.”

Ballerini continued, “Afterwards, I don’t know Miranda Lambert very well, she’s someone that I have not randomly crossed paths with in the country music community yet and so I still get really nervous around her cause I’m like I just want to be her friend, and I was talking to her manager and you know those really expensive wine glasses that are like paper thin like your scared to hold them cause you think they’re going to shatter in your hands.”

“Yes, and I have actually shattered a couple but yes,” Clarkson joked.

“Well, I did that too,” Ballerini quickly replied. “I was talking to her manager, Miranda’s here, her manager’s here and I’m here, and I’m drinking it and shatters. It hit my tooth and it shattered in my mouth. In my mouth, cut my lip and I had to like spit out bloody glass and run to the bathroom in front of her and I think everyone was like ‘did she just eat glass, like is that a thing that she does.'”

After the incident, Ballerini went to the bathroom to clean up her lip and stop it from bleeding before returning to the party.

“Then I had to go to the bathroom, make my lip stop bleeding and I was like well I can’t leave now cause I need people to not think that I’m weird cause I care way to much about what people think of me,” Ballerini explained. “Then, I had to go back into this party and hold my lip so it stops bleeding and try to act casual around Miranda Lambert, anyway, we still don’t know each other.”

Watch the full interview with Clarkson and Ballerini above.

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