Kane Brown; Photo Courtesy of Nights with Elaina
Kane Brown; Photo Courtesy of Nights with Elaina

Kane Brown Wants To Pursue An Acting Career, Reveals He Auditioned For ‘Grease’ Movie

Kane Brown revealed he wants to pursue an acting career and that he auditioned for the Grease movie. Brown shared more information about his desire to act during a May conversation with Elaina Smith on her show Nights with Elaina.

Smith kicked off the interview by reading Brown a fan-submitted question asking if acting is in his future.

“I hope so,” Brown responded. “I’ve been working with a lady out of L.A. and we’ve been trying to get some movies in and see which one, uh, relates to me the most. It makes it easy.”

“Yeah, like what are you thinking? What kind of character would you want to play?” Smith followed up.

Brown then answered that he’d like to be in a horror movie. “I feel like I could kill that right off the bat,” he said.

“Are you the bad guy or are you like one of the people he’s hunting?” Smith asked Brown.

Brown said he’d play the character being hunted. “I don’t know if I’d want to be like the tough dude that was helping everybody or if I’d want to be like the funny guy,” the “Like I Love Country Music” singer said of his rationale.

In addition, Brown shared that he filmed an audition video for the new Grease movie. “I think I just found out that the whole movie got canceled, so we’ll double-check on that, but yeah, um, WME called back and a couple of other people [did too] and was like, they were [pleasantly] surprised with the audition tape. They said that I could actually do it, so I thought that was awesome,” he explained.

Brown said he was being eyed up for a “whole new character,” the popular guy who takes T-Bird leader Danny “under his wing.” “The reason you don’t see him in the original Grease is [because] he goes on to be this big superstar,” Brown added.

Although the movie “isn’t happening anymore,” Brown said that he was happy to get a call back because he wasn’t sure if that was going to happen or not.

Brown has never had an acting coach but said he’s still “been offered a good amount of roles recently” and thinks that an acting career “is coming pretty quick.”

In a conversation with CMT, Brown shared that he’d like to emulate fellow country singer Tim McGraw’s career and that he’s had a few auditions.

“I like action movies, I like horror movies, but honestly I’ve never been in a movie, so I’ll get whatever I can get and we’ll see where that goes,” Brown said of his plans to transition to the acting world.

But just because he wants to get involved with acting doesn’t mean he’s giving up music. Brown announced that his latest album Different Man will be released on Sept. 9.

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