Kane Brown; Photo by Andrew Wendowski
Kane Brown; Photo by Andrew Wendowski

Kane Brown Gives 11-Year-Old Boy Gift Of A Lifetime And He’s “Keeping It Forever”

Kane Brown recently held an exclusive Pandora Live event on Tuesday, July 28, which included performances of some of his biggest hits, an interview with Sirius XM’s Storme Warren and a showcase of the “Worldwide Beautiful“-inspired mural by Graffiti artist Troy Duff in Nashville, Tenn.

With concerts on hold until further notice due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the country superstar was forced off the road to quarantine like the rest of the United States.

During the interview with Warren, Brown was asked what he is working on at home outside of music. In which he told Warren that he has been busy working on some home projects that otherwise wouldn’t have been completed if he was on the road.

“We’re actually working on a lot, we had our pool finally finished, had turf installed,” Brown explained. “We got to install a fence for our dogs. It’s a lot of stuff that would have never got done if I was on the road. It’s cool to actually be able to watch it all come together.”

“Are you hands on at all in the process?” Warren asked.

“I mean I’ve been so bored, the fence guy, I love him, I feel like he’s part of the family. He’s an older gentleman, he’s around 50, maybe 60 and he brings out his son who is like 11, and he’s not in school right now. His son is a hard worker, always out there and I’m like i’m so bored I might dig hole with y’all, I haven’t done it yet. But it is just cool watching him and I’m like keep it up man, cause you don’t see kids doing that these days,” Brown told Warren.

Brown then elaborated on a heartwarming conversation that he had with his fence guy’s 11-year-old son.

“So, I remember the other day I went and gave him a hundred bucks and the next day he brought it back and he was like I’m not spending this and he’s like will you sign this and so I signed it for him and he told me he was keeping it forever. That was cool.”

Such an amazing gesture of Brown, making the 11-year-old boy’s day with a gift he will cherish forever.

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