Summer Pardi; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Summer Pardi; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Jon Pardi’s Wife, Summer Pardi, Recovering From An Illness After Being Rushed To The Emergency Room

Jon Pardi’s wife Summer Duncan Pardi is at home recovering after a mysterious illness forced her to be rushed to the hospital over the weekend.

On Saturday, March 19, the Pardi Plates host and social media influencer took to Instagram stories to reveal her illness.

“Well this wasn’t a part of the weekend plans… stomach flu or food poisoning they think.” Summer shared in her stories alongside a photo of her laying in a hospital with the “Last Night Lonely” singer by her side.

She continued to detail the agony she experienced leading up to her emergency hospital visit.

”I threw up every 20-30 min for 5 hours this AM before we called the ambulance, never been sick like this in my life,” Summer added. “Took forever to get an IV in me [because] I was so dehydrated, but starting to feel better now with the fluids, etc. What a way to start the day.”

After several hours undergoing tests in the hospital, Summer returned to social media to update fans on her condition.

“Thank you all for checking in: still not doing well, been on and off fever chills sweating, using my blow dryer as a heater,” she said. ”Haven’t gotten out of bed since we got back from the hospital. Missing Jon’s show. Still hoping it’s just food poisoning and not something worse but so far I can at least keep water down finally. Hope everyone is having a great Friday.”

Summer Pardi Is On The Road To Recovery After Being Rushed To The E.R.

One day after being rushed to the hospital via ambulance, Summer revealed that she was on the road to recovery.

“Very happy to report that I think I’m 100 back to normal,” the California native shared, also revealing that she lost several pounds due to her illness. “I’ll be back to my usual IG bullsh*t soon so stay tuned,” she joked.

After several fans tagged her in posts from Pardi’s concert, Summer shared that she was “listening to the show through the bus windows” as she continued to stay hydrated and get her rest. “Manifesting all the good feelings for tomorrow,” she added.

Summer later shared a photo with her husband and parents, which was taken approximately 10 hours before her hospital visit.

“About 10 hours before my first ever ambulance ride and hospital stay…” the hairstylist said. ”happy to say I think I am through the worst part of whatever took me down…and on a brighter note, how cute are my parents and husband.”

After Jon Pardi’s weekend run of shows, the couple took the tour bus to her parent’s house to enjoy some family time.

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