Jason Aldean and his Mom Debbie; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Jason Aldean and his Mom Debbie; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Jason Aldean To Release Song Inspired By His Mom: “I Give Her A Lot Of Credit For Me Being The Way That I Am”

In preparation for his highly anticipated 30-track project, Georgia, Macon, Country superstar Jason Aldean has continued to share snippets of new tracks ahead of their release on social media, along with the story behind the song. Most recently, he revealed the inspiration behind a heartfelt tune, “Your Mama.”

“My parents got divorced when I was three and my mom – she was very instrumental in raising me. I was her only child, so everything she did sort of revolved around me and what I was doing, whether that be music or playing baseball or anything I was in at the time. I remember collecting baseball cards, and she would take me to these baseball card shows and sit there with me for hours while I would wait for guys to get their autographs,” Aldean shared in his Instagram post.

In between explaining what this song means to him, timeless images of Aldean from childhood to adulthood beside his mom, Debbie Aldean, played in the background.

He then went on to explain the strong bond he has with the woman who raised him and taught him so much about life. “I’ve always been super close with my mom,” Aldean continued. “It’s kind of taught me how to be like that with my kids. I give her a lot of credit for me being the way I am. She’s very outspoken too, which I’ll take credit for her giving me that as well, I kind of got that from both my mom and my dad.”

“Your mama, she’s something / your mama, what a woman,” he sang in the clip.

Aldean first announced this large collection named after his hometown, in September 2021. Shortly after, he released the first installment, Macon, in November. “Your Mama” will be included on the second installment of this two-part project titled, Georgia, which will be available in April 2022. Similarly to Macon, Georgia will feature 10 new tracks and five live cuts from previous shows.

“Where you were raised has such a big influence on who you become, and for me, it’s no different,” Aldean stated on social media when announcing his upcoming project.

Aldean has already released the first track off Georgia, titled “Whiskey Me Away,” just three weeks after Macon dropped. Besides “Your Mama,” he has yet to share any more sneak peeks into this second part of the project.

“Whiskey Me Away” was written by fellow country music singer/songwriter, Morgan Wallen, alongside Rodney Clawson, Jeff Hyde and Drive Williams.

“Throwing quarters down that jukebox / Play some old-school Alabama / You got the lonely I brought in here / Almost gone without a trace / I know I’ve had a few, yeah, but I’m buzzing on you / You’re a hangover I’d love to wake up to / So come on, baby, whiskey me away / Come on, baby, whiskey me away,” Aldean sings.

Once the full double album is released, fans will be able to purchase a triple disk vinyl set, with all 30 songs included. The limited edition, 3-disc green vinyl is now available for preorder.

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