Interview with Diamante Bovelli of Diamante

Interview with Diamante Bovelli of Diamante 

Interviewer: Andrew Wendowski – July 1st 2014

Introduce yourself & tell us what its like to be a teenager within the rock music scene. 

I’m a 17 year old, singer, songwriter, and recording artist. DIAMANTE is my real first name. Trying to break and come out as a rock artist, a genre dominated by men, is definitely a challenge specially at my age. I feel like I need to work twice as hard to get through the door, but it only makes me more determined to keep doing what I love.

You recently released your new single entitled “BITE YOUR KISS” which debuted at #3 on the Billboard Hot Singles Sales Charts, What is the meaning behind that song title?

The song is free spirited, sexy, fun and a little shocking, but more deeply I knew I would rattle many by throwing out the double standard. I’m pretty sure if a guy was singing the same words there would have been nothing shocking about it.

You released 3 singles so far in your music career, all of which are absolutely amazing. When can we expect to see an album from you, anything in the works?

Thanks! Yes! I am currently working on it. I can’t say yet if it will be a multi-track EP or a full length album. Three new songs are already completed, and we are starting the fourth one next week. I am loving every minute of it, everything is flowing amazing! We don’t have a release day set yet.

What inspired you to start creating/writing music at the young age of only 17 years old?

I’ve always been a writer. I was a bit of nerd in growing up in the East Coast under a very academic environment. I guess writing is just part of who I am. After landing my first musical theater lead role in school, I realized that being on stage was going to be my life and singing and writing just came together. 

When your writing your lyrics, what inspires them? 

I write off personal experiences, and I am constantly inspired by the flaws in our society. I like defying it and conveying a message. I’m all about showing people to be courageous in every aspect. 

Can we expect any Music Video’s from you soon? 

Yeah! My new video just dropped on June 18th for “BITE YOUR KISS” and it’s an exciting moment for me. We’ve gotten great coverage and reviews. Hope you guys enjoy watching it!  

Any tours in the works for Diamante?

Yes definitely! We had postponed it for the first part of the summer. At the moment we are focusing on creating music, writing, recording. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio, but the plan is to get on the road at the end of the summer and fall. I am so looking forward to it! 

What’s it feel like reaching so much success within your chosen career field of Music at the young age of 17!?

It’s super exciting and I am immensely grateful for all the great things happening. It has definitely made growing up faster than someone else my age, but I like to see it as another step forward. 

If you could describe yourself in 1-3 words what would you call yourself? & why?

Bold, Brave, Fierce because of the actions I take and the lifestyle I choose to live.

Why should people come check out Diamante?

I think it’s time for something new. As artist and entertainer, I want people to enjoy coming to my shows to listen to my music and have good time. 

Anything you want to say to your current or future fans?

“I am so grateful for the love, a lot of you guys have supported me since I was 15 and it means to world to me! For the new and future ones, stick around and enjoy the ride!”

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