Gwen Stefani; Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Gwen Stefani; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Gwen Stefani Shares Additional Wedding Details: “We’re Keeping It Simple, Really Simple”

Gwen Stefani revealed some new details of her and Blake Shelton’s wedding!

In an interview on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Stefani shared a few additional details of her and Shelton’s upcoming nuptials, including if they will have an artist perform at the celebration and if the guest list will include any of their celebrity friends.

Shelton previously told Meyers that Adam Levine owed it to him and Stefani to perform at their wedding. However, Shelton also joked that he wouldn’t want Levine to be a performer at their wedding because he thinks his music is too boring. During the interview with Meyers, Stefani said as much as she’d loved to have Levine perform at their wedding, they are thinking that they are just going to keep it simplistic.

“I definitely would love to have Adam [Levine] sing at our wedding but you know the thing is, is that I feel like we’re not going to have a wedding band. I feel like we’re just going to go with a playlist, we’re keeping it simple, really simple.”

As for the guest list, Stefani said that it will be mainly just their family and a few close friends but not a lot of musicians.

“I think that the guest list will not have a lot of musicians. It’s going to be like my mom and my dad,” Stefani said laughing. “Literally going to be just family and we are looking forward to that though, it’s going to be fun. We’re going to make it really fun but it’s not going to be a big like, it’s not like the queen and king are getting married or something.”

Watch the full interview with Stefani below.

Later in the show, Stefani performed her latest single “Slow Clap,” which you can watch below.

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