Grace Kinstler; Photo Courtesy of American Idol/ABC
Grace Kinstler; Photo Courtesy of American Idol/ABC

Grace Kinstler Says The Release Of Her Debut Album “Won’t Be Too Long From Now”

American Idol finalist Grace Kinstler is gearing up to share her first album!

In a recent interview with Music Mayhem, the powerhouse vocalist shared a few details and an update on her forthcoming debut album, following the release of her debut single “Love Someone,” which is also expected to appear on her debut project.

The powerhouse singer is currently working on her debut album, which is expected to come out sooner than later, and will more than likely include her debut single “Love Someone,” which she worked on with award-winning producer Tricky Stewart.

When Music Mayhem asked if she had a release date or title for her upcoming debut effort, Kinstler replied, “Not yet, but I do have a lot of it written and the co-writes that I have set up currently are just to polish and go over the stuff that I’ve written and it’s with someone who I trust and who’s been [through it], he’s had some of those trials of ups and downs.”

Kinstler continued, “And so I think that he’ll just have an amazing perspective to bring to the music and he’ll help me see it from a different light and just help me create the best product. It’s not something, I want to release it still while the iron’s hot, when people still are like, oh Grace, yeah and before I fade in the background. But I also don’t want it to be something that’s rushed, because I feel like when something’s rushed, it loses the authenticity and the realness that I find so important to myself. So something that I don’t want to rush through, but definitely still in a timely fashion. So it won’t be too long from now.”

The Top 3 Idol finalist and Illinois native shared her debut single “Love Someone” during Idol’s finale week alongside the Top 7, who also shared their first songs.

“So I got to work with Tricky Stewart for that track and that was just so crazy,” Kinstler explained of the “Love Someone” single.

She continued, “It was super intimidating walking into the studio with him because he has “Single Ladies.” He has “Baby,” by Justin Bieber. He has all these hits. So it was pretty, it was just crazy. It definitely lit a fire under my butt to just excel, excel, excel and not be afraid. Because when I get afraid, is when I don’t do great. I’m really bad with nerves. So that’s something I had to work through over the course of the show, but yeah, that was amazing to record with Tricky and just to be in the studio with them.”

During her time in the studio recording the single, she spent some time with fellow Idol finalist Willie Spence, which she really appreciated his company.

“I got to spend some time with Willie that day actually, too, which was behind the scenes, but he got to sit in on some of my session, which was awesome,” Kinstler shared. “So I just love being in the studio with friends and being able to create something magical, especially with someone like Tricky, who he’s seen it all too.”

Read our full interview with Grace Kinstler HERE.

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