Flight Club Premiere “Good Intent” Music Video

Photo: Ethan Edgehill

Hailing from Richmond, VA, Flight Club is a 5-piece rock band consisting of Charlie Mahoney (Vocals), Sam Tucker (Guitar/Vocals), Alex Triantafilledes (Bass), Harry Ellis (Drums) and Drew Selliquini (Guitar), who are not afraid to get loud, pulling influences from their southern roots taking gritty blues and classic rock tones that they were raised on and adding in a dose of energy-filled punk rock intensity blending them together to find a soulful, raw, passionate sound. We’re thrilled to bring you the exclusive music video premiere for their song “Good Intent.”

The song “Good Intent” was released at the end of May when the band was touring with West Means Home. “Good Intent” is about being down but not out and confronting your problems head-on. This song marks one of the first songs that the band has worked on since their last EP, which was released back in 2017. The song talks about being stuck in negativity and wanting to get back to the youthful optimism that we once held on to but being unsure of how to get there. The instrumentation follows the idea with cleaner guitars in the verses, and a roaring chorus to send the listener off with. The band released this song as a stand-alone single to introduce the lineup change that they underwent during the writing process, adding a new guitarist, drummer and the rhythm guitarist who did backing vocals put down his guitar to focus on lead vocals.

The “Good Intent” music video is a collection of footage shot and edited by James Venti, that was filmed between spring and summer showcasing what the band has been up to this year including some of footage from the bands time spent in a Massachusetts studio with Four Year Strong’s Alan Day, their tour with West Means Home and some fun times with good friends in between.

Watch Flight Club’s “Good Intent” Music Video below:

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