Easton Corbin, Steven McBee and Calah Mack; Photo Courtesy of FOX/Joe Millionaire
Easton Corbin, Steven McBee and Calah Mack; Photo Courtesy of FOX/Joe Millionaire

Easton Corbin Performs New Song “Marry That Girl” on FOX’s Reality Dating Show ‘Joe Millionaire’

On Thursday night (March 3), Easton Corbin appeared on the reality dating television show Joe Millionaire to perform his new song, “Marry That Girl.” 

“It was a really cool experience,” Corbin told Music Mayhem. “First of all, it was a surprise, because I’ve never done one of those shows. So I was relieved that they just wanted me to come on and sing and not do the other stuff!”

Even though he wasn’t involved with the other aspects of the show, he was shocked by how much effort went into the production.

“I think the guy said they’d been filming for like 40 days, going on constant dates,” said Corbin. “I was kinda fascinated by that.”

On Joe Millionaire, a group of 18 women are dating two men — one who is a millionaire and one who is an average Joe — while the women don’t know which guy is wealthy.

During the show, Corbin performed his single “Marry That Girl” in the middle of a corn maize, while Steven McBee and Calah Mack danced in the hay that filled the grounds around them.

Although Corbin didn’t write “Marry That Girl” specifically for the show, the premise of the journey before tying the knot was a perfect fit.

“It’s a song that me, Wade Kirby, Shane Minor, and Adam Craig wrote. Shane had started talking about his wife and when he met her, and then  Adam started talking about his wife. He said the first time he ever saw his wife, he was like, ‘Man, I’m gonna marry that girl.’ And I thought, man, that’s a pretty good title!”

Easton Corbin Will Release A New Single This Spring

Corbin has even more new music on the horizon, including his next single, “I Can’t Decide,” which hits radio May 9. He wrote the upbeat summer track with Wade Kirby, Rhett Akins, and Ashley Gorley.

“It’s basically about this girl. It doesn’t matter what she has on, what she’ll do; she’s perfect no matter what,” said Corbin. “I think every girl wants to hear that.”

Corbin is working a new album, which is due out later this year.

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