Denis Stoff; Photo Courtesy of Andrew Wendowski
Denis Stoff; Photo Courtesy of Andrew Wendowski

Denis Stoff, Ex-Member Of Asking Alexandria, Debunks Rumor That He Was Killed By Russian Missile Strike In Ukraine

Denis Stoff (Denis Alexandrovich Shaforostov) debunks rumor that he was killed by a Russian missile strike in Lviv, Ukraine.

On Sunday evening (Mar. 13), rumors swirled online after someone updated Stoff’s Wikipedia, saying that “Shaforostov was killed by a Russian missile strike just outside of Lviv, Ukraine on March 13th 2022.”

The rumor quickly went viral across social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Reddit, which prompted a response from Stoff on Monday, March 14, to let fans know that he is indeed safe and alive.

“I’m still in a safe place and I’m fine today,” Stoff wrote in his Instagram stories, insuring fans he was okay. “Whoever faked my Wikipedia deserve what they deserve… Let’s pray together that this war ends soon. Love ya guys.”

Denis Stoff; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Denis Stoff; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

While 35 deaths were reported from a confirmed barrage of Russian missiles that slammed into a military facility in Western Ukraine, Stoff confirms he was not near the location of the attack.

Earlier this month, Stoff took to social media to share his sadness for the ongoing Russian/Ukrainian war and asked fans for prayers and peace.

#PrayForUkraine. This is just too much to take at this moment and I’m hoping that soon Ukraine will see the end of this madness,” Stoff wrote at the time, alongside a photo of the Ukrainian flag. “We want peace. Russia must turn all the forces back and leave our country immediately. Share this with everyone you know. The world is not a safe place as it stands of today.”

He later added, “It’s incredibly sad to see how foreign musicians and magazines aren’t investing as much time into spreading the word of support to Ukraine like they do into promotion of their current tours, releases and birthday congratulations. Please, share the word and go protest the WAR with your locals. Ukraine is going through battle as you’re reading this.”

“This industry only cares about the clout, not the real ongoing disaster that is happening in our world and Ukraine right now,” Stoff added. “Please, be the voice – join the local peaceful protests and share it on all social media.🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦”


Stoff served as the vocalist for Asking Alexandria in 2015 following the departure of Danny Worsnop, who took an 18-month hiatus from the band. He went on to release one studio album, The Black (2016), with the metal core group before he departed from the band in October 2016, when Worsnop returned as their frontman.

The singer now serves as vocalist for Drag Me Out, a band that are gearing up to release their second studio album, Demons Away, on May 6 via their own label, Lödereih Music.

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