Conor Maynard Releases New Single “Storage” From Forthcoming New Album, ‘+11 Hours’

“Storage is about having the capacity to contain various, irrelevant but ultimately incredible, personal and beautiful memories when you’re in a relationship,” Maynard explained.


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Posted on May 3, 2023

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Conor Maynard; Photo Provided

Conor Maynard is giving fans a taste of his forthcoming project, +11 Hours, with the release of his new single, “Storage.”

“I can’t forget the way I felt / Wish I could ignore it / ‘Cause it’s not important / Please rid me of all of it now / ‘Cause I’m out of storage,” sings Maynard in the heart-wrenching track as he faces head on the reality that memories change after a relationship has gone south.

“Storage is about having the capacity to contain various, irrelevant but ultimately incredible, personal and beautiful memories when you’re in a relationship,” he explains. “Once that ends, your brain holds all of the information and fixates on those tiny little things that didn’t really make a difference at the time, but now all they do is consume your so-called ‘storage’ of your brain. Just as an iPhone would ‘run out of storage’ when keeping meaningless little pictures over the years, the concept is the same for one’s brain.”

Watch Conor Maynard’s Music Video For “Storage” Below

YouTube video

The Maynard-style ballad comes on the heels of two deeply personal tracks from the unreleased project, “If I Ever” and “By Your Side.” The latter dynamic pop single encompasses the frantic feeling of helplessness as one watches a relationship end that they can’t fathom letting go of. The track acts as Maynard’s response to fans that reached out following his breakup and absence from social media. 

“I received a lot of messages when I came back online, from fans and even just people that related to the feeling of wanting to take a break from the pressures of social media,” explained Maynard in an interview with SPIN. “I realized just how many people have been through a similar notion, even when the circumstances that have led to that decision are different. For that reason, I kept the lyrics of ‘By Your Side’ a little more open, so it can be interpreted to fit all different types of relationship; romantic, friendships, family, and all different reasons for letting go, whether it be through just going your separate ways, or in the hardest of scenarios, death.”

“Storage” Follows His Single “If I Ever”

Maynard gave fans their first glimpse into the project with “If I Ever,” a single that highlights the trust and suspicion felt in relationship, and the impacts those feelings can have. 

“‘If I Ever’ is the first of a series of songs I wrote about an extremely difficult breakup I went through last year,” explained Maynard of the track. “It was a unique relationship and hard to write about, because 90% of it took place over phone calls and video calls, which I understand was common during the pandemic.”

He continued, “This song captures my emotional experience following that breakup, and the anticipation I continue to feel about my upcoming appearance in her hometown of Sydney, Australia, since in our last conversation, she told me she still hopes to see me there.”

YouTube video

Inspired by a challenging breakup Maynard endured in late 2022 with a girl from Sydney, Australia — where the time zone differs from the UK by +11 hours — +11 Hours marks a turning point in Maynard’s creative journey.

Conor Maynard‘s +11 Hours Track List

1. Intro

2. If I Ever

3. By Your Side

4. Storage

5. Enemies

6. How Am I

7. Dark Side

8. I’m Here Forever

9. A Different Way

10. Outro

Conor Maynard '+11 Hours' Album Art
Conor Maynard ‘+11 Hours’ Album Art

Skyrocketed To Fame In 2012

Maynard skyrocketed to fame in 2012 after winning MTV’s Brand New for 2012 award. He paved his path as one of the first talents to transform from an online to real-life star and proved the power of a digital audience while signed to Parlophone. 

Maynard’s career shifted in 2021, 10 years after his debut album that brought him to stardom. The singer left his label, taking his career into his own hands away from any major player backing, and successfully secured more than 300 million streams in 2021 alone. Now, geared with a new-found confidence gleaned from touring the world and songwriting that’s personal and true to his core, Maynard is ready for the next chapter as he enters a new era of artistry.

To Embark On Sad Boy Summer Tour

On the heels of the announcement of his new project, Maynard is set to hit the road for his Sad Boy Summer Tour. The mini stint will kick off on Aug. 24 in Warsaw, Poland and will hit Prague and Frankfurt before coming to a close on Aug. 27 in Amsterdam.

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