Clay Walker and Josh Woods; Photo Courtesy The Bobby Bones Show
Clay Walker and Josh Woods; Photo Courtesy The Bobby Bones Show

Clay Walker Surprises Viral Car Wash Singer Josh Woods & Sings Duet Of “She Won’t Be Lonely Long”

Clay Walker and Josh Woods’ voices pair together perfectly in their live duet performance.

Bones surprised the viral car wash singer with a guitarist to join him while he sings, however, it wasn’t just any guitarist, it was country superstar Clay Walker. Woods, wearing a cowboy hat, flannel shirt and jeans, was in shock upon seeing Walker enter the room.

“You can’t even describe it,’ Woods said of Walker joining him as he stumbled over his own words in a state of shock. “You’re a legend man, I just… I can’t even spit out my words.”

Walker then told the rising star that he’s been a fan and TikTok follower for quite some time.

“Well Josh, you’re a great singer, I love your TikTok, and I’ve been following you for a while, just great singing, great songs,” Walker said before joking, “I wish you did more of ours.” 

The unforgettable moment truly left the Oklahoma native speechless. 

“Josh, Clay’s actually going to play guitar for you, while you sing his song. And then do you want Clay to sing the chorus with you,” Bones explained, Woods enthusiastically replied, “of course!”

The “If I Could Make A Living” singer then told Woods that he actually found his voice in the bathroom of a Goodyear rubber plant.

“I got to tell you just one thing, I’ve watched the car wash vocals and I used to work at a Goodyear rubber plant making tires in Belmont, Texas, and I loved the bathrooms and that’s where I actually learned how to develop my vocal and do vibrato. So, I’ve kind of watched you and go ‘man, this reminds me of me.’ So it’s pretty cool.”

“You got the whole look, you just got it going on,” Walker added of Woods. 

The country hitmaker and Woods joined forces for a cover of Walker’s “She Won’t Be Lonely Long,” which allowed both of their voices to shine while they also harmonized flawlessly with each other.

Watch the full interview and performance below.

“I was proud that Bobby and the gang here picked you, because I’ve been knowing about you for a while now and just great, great content and Bobby what can I say you always know how to pick winners,” Walker admitted.

In addition to surprising Woods with Walker, Bones also invited the rising star to perform with Bobby Bones And The Raging Idiots at the iHeartCountry Festival in Austin, Texas on October 30th. Tickets for the show are available now HERE.

“I really appreciate everything you guys are doing for me, I literally could cry right now,” Woods admitted.

Watch Walker surprise Woods below.

@claywalker@josh_woods4 wasn’t expecting this! @mrbobbybones thanks for making this happen! ##countrymusic ##spreadlove ##claywalker

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