Clay Walker and Abby Anne Miller; Photos Courtesy of TikTok
Clay Walker and Abby Anne Miller; Photos Courtesy of TikTok

Clay Walker Reacts To Abby Anne Miller’s Cover Of “She Won’t Be Lonely Long”: “Love This!”

Abby Anne Miller understands the importance of networking within the country music space in order to climb the competitive ladder. While attending an Opry show In Bainbridge, Ohio, a man intertwined in the Country Music scene noticed Miller’s extraordinary gift.

Following the life-altering evening, the budding songstress started to network with notable names in Nashville and began working on her debut seven-piece record. While jump-starting her career in music, Miller received recognition on social media.

Overnight, the Midwest native became an internet sensation by sharing original content and chilling covers. With over 247.2K followers on TikTok alone, Miller quickly captured attention from A-listers in Music City. For Instance, Lainey Wilson admired her vulnerable track “God Ain’t Done With Me Yet.”

“So good 💜,” shared Wilson in the comment section. “You are one of my biggest inspirations in songwriting!!! Thank you so much,” Miller responded, full of excitement. Although Miller was stunned to see the breakout star comment on her short video, it was not the first time she interacted with a seasoned musician through the powerful platform.

Back in April 2021, the rising star uploaded a rendition of “She Won’t Be Lonely Long” by Clay Walker. It wasn’t long until her infectious vocals, and playful take on the fan-favorite single made its way onto the award-winning singer’s ‘for you’ page. “Wow! Sounds beautiful,” said Walker under the video.


“She Won’t Be Lonely Long” by Clay Walker 💕 #country #countrymusic #countrytiktok #claywalker

♬ original sound – Abby Miller

Most recently, the phenomenal clip that displays Miller’s twang and wide range resurfaced on TikTok. On Wednesday, January 5, Walker reacted to her rendition again by duetting the original video and encouraging fans to listen. 

“TikTok! Have you seen this girl,” Walker wrote on the stitched video. While Miller sings the chart-topping smash hit, Walker showered the newcomer with positive complements –”Love this,” “unique voice,” he uttered throughout the moving melody. 

“Keep doing it,” Walker declared while giving a chef’s kiss at the end. “Well, you just became my #1 favorite country artist 🤠 you have no idea how much this means to a girl who grew up on your music! Thank you!!!❤️” Miller replied to Walker. 


#duet with @abbyannemiller #countrymusic #coversong #fanart

♬ original sound – Abby Miller

Shortly after the heartfelt duet made waves on the interactive networking site with 28.8K likes and 256k views, Miller revealed what the 90s country artist had to say about her impressive cover to her country music-loving father.

“Showing my dad Clay Walker duetting my TikTok,” she wrote. While watching the clip, the proud father ripped off his glasses to get a better look and asked his daughter, “is that Clay Walker.”

While smiling from ear to ear, he said, “This is AWESOME.”


#duet with @claywalker to say we’re excited would be an understatement 😅😂 @claywalker you’re the best!! ❤️ #CountryMusic #ClayWalker #dadsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Abby Miller

Abby Anne Miller is currently dominating airways with her faith-centric single “God Ain’t Done With Me Yet” and riding the high from her successful recent release “Girls and Guitars.”

Since reacting to Miller, Walker has used his spotlight to other rising country singers on the social media platform. More recently, he praised an upcoming British singer named Laura Aston, who also covered “She Won’t Be Lonely Long.” 

“I’ve just got off work and home to this 🙏 seriously made my whole life,” Aston commented on Walker’s duet of her video. “You’re incredible! Thank you, So, So much!! 😁!!!!! xx”


#duet with @lauraaston #countrymusic #claywalker #fanart

♬ original sound – Laura Aston

He also encouraged fans to go check out Aston’s cover of “Help Me Make It Through The Night.”

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