Logan Crosby and Jason Aldean; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Logan Crosby and Jason Aldean; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

‘Claim To Fame’ Contestant Logan Crosby Reveals Advice His Cousin Jason Aldean Offered Him & Talks Their “Unique Bond”

Logan Crosby’s identity was revealed earlier this month on the new hit reality TV series, Claim To Fame. During the finale episode, viewers learned that Crosby is cousins with Jason Aldean.

The program, which airs on ABC, debuted in 2022 and is hosted by Jonas Brothers’ member Kevin Jonas and his brother Frankie Jonas. The show brings together a dozen people from all different walks of life who have one thing in common – they’re all related to a celebrity. Those celebrity relatives are challenged with concealing their identities to avoid elimination while living under one roof. Each week, the contestants go head-to-head, taking part in various competitions all the while trying to guess the name of the celeb their opponents are related to. In the end, only one person is left standing. And that person wins a whopping $100,000 prize.

This season was one to remember, as it featured cast members related to celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Brett Favre, Simone Biles, and more. Thanks to his charismatic commentary, Crosby became a quick fan favorite and made his way through each week, evading elimination with strategic moves. In the end, though, he lost out to LC (Loreal Palmer), the sister of actress Keke Palmer. She correctly guessed Crosby’s celebrity relative.

Following his run on the show, Logan Crosby took to Instagram to thank his fans for keeping up with him on Claim to Fame. He also shared his gratitude to the show’s producers for giving him the experience to be in front of the limelight.

“Wow, thank you, thank you, thank you,” the Georgian began his lengthy post. “It has been an honor and a privilege to be on Claim to Fame Season 1. Since I was a little boy growing up in a small town in Georgia, all I’ve ever wanted to do is shine a light to entertain people; to make people laugh, cry, to sing country music, to create something that made people feel something. And to say I am the most blessed person on the planet for that dream being able to become a reality through this show is an understatement.”

“To my cast mates, I adore each one of you and love you like you’re my own relative. To the crew, the producers, the editors, publicists, and everyone in between, thank you. Without your hard work and dedication, this show wouldn’t have happened! To Kevin and Frankie, thank you so much for being the most AWESOME hosts ever! To everyone who watched and let me into your homes every week, and allowed me to become apart of your family, it has been an absolute HONOR,” he continued. “Even though Claim to Fame has come to an end, it’s just the beginning for us. Entertaining has always been my passion, and as long as I can, I’m going to do just that. To all my new family, I look forward to staying in touch as we chase our dreams together. God is so so good. Love y’all. Y’all be good. See y’all very soon! Next up: NASHVILLE. Let’s go write some songs!!”

Crosby, as with cousin Aldean, is a country singer/songwriter. As part of the show premiere, he debuted his self-penned, soul-filled tune, “If Jesus Was A Cowboy.” The song finds the rising star going through a heartbreak and believing that if Jesus were a cowboy, he would act the same way while trying to heal from a broken relationship.

If Jesus was a cowboy / He’d have done it too / Took that shot of whiskey… And spent his whole lonesome life / Chasin’ gold, chasin’ whiskey, chasin’ you,” Crosby sings the chorus of the song.

Now that Claim To Fame has wrapped, Crosby, who got his start singing in his grandmother’s Gospel church, has dusted off his saddle and made his way to Nashville in hopes to continue to pursue his dream of making a living as a country artist. And, despite losing his season, the runner-up received plenty of support from friends and family, including Aldean.

“Well, I’m glad I can finally tell y’all to go stream @claimtofameabc on Hulu and watch my Lil Cuzzin @reallogancrosby do his thing. Proud of ya, man. Way to represent the family,” Aldean penned on Instagram, alongside a pair of photos featuring the two of them posing together.

Music Mayhem recently caught up with Crosby, who has garnered over 100,000 followers on TikTok, to ask a few burning questions about his relationship with Aldean.

Find out more about Crosby below!

Did Jason Aldean initially offer you any advice about being on the show?

“Oh yes! The first person I asked about the opportunity was Jason. He was super supportive of me going on Claim to Fame. I talked to him the week after I got the call and asked him, “First, are you okay with me doing this?” He said, “Yes, of course, I think it will be really big.” Then I asked him, “Should I do it?” And he told me, “That’s a question you need to ask yourself.” He texted me a few days before filming and told me, “Just don’t get out first.” Jason was a huge fan of the show, and I think he really enjoyed watching it!”

Can you tell us a little bit about your bond as cousins?

“Jason and I have always had a unique bond. Since I was young, I knew I wanted to do country music, and he has always been supportive. With him being out on the road my whole life, we’ve only really been able to see each other at New Year’s Eve parties or shows. But since I’ve been in Nashville, we’ve gotten to see each other a good bit which is great. Jason is truly one of the funniest people I’ve ever been around! So when we’re together, we’re usually making jokes and bouncing off the walls with one another.”

How has the bond you share with Jason Aldean impacted your journey?

“The bond Jason and I have has been a huge part of my journey as an artist. His first question to me is always, “How are you” and he means that. He wants to know how I am as a person first. Then we talk about music. I feel like most people want to know how the business side of stuff is. But he wants to know that I’m doing good as a person, which means a lot.”

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