Chayce Beckham Receives Incredible Housewarming Gift After Moving To Nashville

Chayce Beckham is officially a Nashville resident!

The 2021 American Idol winner has made his dream of moving to Nashville to pursue music full time, a reality. The singer previously told Music Mayhem that following his Idol win, he wanted to move to Nashville to reunite with good friends and Idol alum Hunter Metts, Graham DeFranco, Wyatt Pike and others.

“It’s nice to have [a] group of friends that I’ve made [on American Idol] that are all just devoted to music, and [that] just want to make music,” Beckham previously explained. “We kind of all want to get together in the same city and do shows and record music and write songs, so definitely got a lot of stuff going on with them [Metts, DeFranco & Pike].”

Well, now the 24-year-old Apple Valley native has officially made the move to Nashville. He recently moved in with the help of his family, driving from his previous home to Tennessee in his new truck and he documented his journey to Nashville via his Instagram stories along the way.

Upon arriving to his new Nashville home, he received an incredible gift from Takamine Guitars, two brand new 6-string acoustic guitars.

“Special thanks to my buddies over at Takamine Guitars for setting me up with these two incredible pieces,” Beckham captioned an Instagram post alongside the two new guitars in front of his brick fireplace. “So pumped to play these in the upcoming shows. Y’all really know how to send a boy a housewarming gift! This is about all I have in the house at the moment but I’m ok with that.”

Additionally, Beckham is hard at work on creating his debut album which he teased is “ready to go,” which will follow his debut single “23.”

“Once we get done with [American Idol], and we can get into the studio, then, that’s it, the rest will be history,” Beckham previously told Music Mayhem.

He later added, “As far as those songs [“23” & “Mamma”] go. I’m done with those, I finished those sometime last year, that’s the way that it goes out. I was gonna do an EP before the show happened, and then I decided to wait and hang onto all those songs. So I’ve got a good few songs that are ready to go and record them, and put them out as soon as we can.”

The Idol winner later told PopCulture about the sound of his upcoming debut album.

“Just real music, real guitars, and real instrumentation, and talking about life as Americans,” Beckham told the outlet. “The life that we live, and the struggles that we face, and things that we go through, not only as individuals but as a community.”

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