Carrie Underwood Tells The Story Of How She And Her Husband Mike Fisher First Met

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher celebrated their tenth anniversary in late July 2020 and she is now telling the story of how she and Fisher met.

In a recent interview with Kelly Clarkson on The Kelly Clarkson Show, Underwood revealed how she first met her husband Fisher and the story may surprise you.

The “Drinkin’ Alone” singer said that they met through some friends but didn’t actually meet until one of Underwood’s tour meet and greet in Toronto one year. Underwood’s bassist Mark Childers knew Fisher and tried to get him together with Underwood but it never seemed to work out until the aforementioned meet and greet in Toronto as they kept missing each other.

“We kind of missed seeing each other and meeting each other a couple times and he finally drove to Toronto to see us play and I was like ‘man this is going to be awkward’ meeting somebody and everybody’s going to be standing there watching us,” Underwood began to explain. “So I was like I’ll put him in the Meet & Greet because then if it’s not happening and he’s weird or something I could be like ‘oh I gotta go my hair…..'”

Underwood then joked that hearing her husband Fisher tell the story now is comical as he was at the end of her meet and greet line with fans awaiting to meet the star.

“And to hear him tell the story he’s like i’m like surrounded by these little girls and it’s just me at the end of the line and there was another hockey player that was there. It was awkward but it makes for a good story now.”

The couple later married on July 10, 2010 and had two sons Isaiah (5) and Jacob (1). Now, they are celebrating 10 years together as a married couple and Underwood says that they still share a “good partnership” and that’s “really important.”

“I feel like we’ve last 10 years cause I feel like we have a good partnership and that’s really important to understand and be able to like ask and be like ‘hey i’m super busy right now i’m going to need you to like hold it down and be my support’ and vice versa,” Underwood said. “Like when he was playing [hockey] especially, we were both just super busy and we would kind of have to just ebb and flow responsibilities in our relationship and our kids. But yea just try to take some time whenever you can, we’re not great at date nights, I’m not great at date nights, if I have any time off, I want to be in my pajamas at home.”

Watch the full interview between Underwood and Clarkson below.

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