Blake Shelton Tearfully Sings His Vows As A Song Written For Gwen Stefani At Their Oklahoma Wedding

Blake Shelton cried while singing a song he wrote for his wife Gwen Stefani at their Oklahoma wedding on Saturday (July 3). “I feel like the uncle that’s here to just blab!” Daly told his TODAY Show co-hosts. While Daly…


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Posted on July 6, 2021

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Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Wedding; Photo Courtesy Jeremy Bustos/Studio This Is

Blake Shelton cried while singing a song he wrote for his wife Gwen Stefani at their Oklahoma wedding on Saturday (July 3).

“I feel like the uncle that’s here to just blab!” Daly told his TODAY Show co-hosts. While Daly didn’t want to spill all of the details of the newlywed’s special day, he did share one very special detail about the couple’s vows, which came in the form of a song from Shelton and spoken words from Stefani.

However, that moment didn’t come easy as Daly admits it took them months “to get [it] just how they wanted it,” and Shelton and Stefani were “really reluctant” to write their own vows but he persuaded them to by telling them, “you guys are two of the best songwriters in the world, we want to hear your words”

“At the wedding, Gwen starts… and she crushes, not a dry eye in the church… It was so perfect,” according to Daly, who officiated Shelton and Stefani’s wedding on Saturday (July 3) in Oklahoma. 

Following Stefani’s vows, Daly joked with Shelton saying, “Top that, buddy.’ And Blake starts by saying, ‘Gwen’s always giving me a hard time about not writing enough songs, so I wrote a song.’”

“Guitar comes in frame, [a] stool.. [and] next thing you know, He wrote her a song,” Daly added. “And he sings her a song, while he’s crying, that he wrote specifically for her … [There was] not a dry eye in the house, and that was really a highlight [of the wedding].”

The host of NBC’s The Voice truly believes that the song Shelton wrote Stefani for as part of his wedding vows could be a chart-topping hit, however, it’s not clear if the song will ever see beyond the intimate audience at their Oklahoma wedding. The title of the song is “Reach The Star,” Shelton told Daly. 

“Hopefully he’ll record it,” Carson exclaimed. “It’ll put everybody in the wedding at that moment if he records that song.”

See the full interview with Daly below.

Daly also describe their elegant wedding as “perfectly them,” before adding that it was the “perfect blend of country and glamour,” which flawlessly matched their personalities.

“It was as elegant and refined and cool as Gwen is, and it was country and down-home and fun as Blake is,” Daly said of the wedding. “They just work. They’re an unlikely pair. They’re like if you paired delicious fried chicken with a glass of champagne. On paper, on the menu, it doesn’t seem to work, but it works. They’re comfort food with class, and everybody roots for that.”

Over the weekend and after six years together, on Saturday, July 3, Shelton and Stefani officially tied the knot, becoming Mr & Mrs Shelton, during an intimate ceremony on Saturday, July 3 inside a chapel built on Shelton’s ranch in Oklahoma.

On hand to officiate the small wedding ceremony was host of NBC’s The Voice, Carson Daly, who admitted it was a high honor and privilege to marry the couple. 

“Here comes the bride… so honored to get to marry two of my favorite people on earth,” Daly captioned a series photos of himself officiating the Shelton wedding, before adding his best wishes to the newly married couple, “may God bless you guys in this new chapter of your lives. We love you!”

Daly’s shared a series of images from the wedding, beginning with a photo of himself side-by-side with Shelton as Stefani walked down the aisle towards the love of her life. The slideshow of photos continued with a photo of the newlyweds posing with Daly, while the third image was of Daly, his wife and their four children. He concluded the series of images with a group photo of the Daly family alongside Shelton and Stefani. 

See the aforementioned photos below.

Daly has known Stefani for over 25 years and Shelton has become a close friend of Daly’s since working together often on The Voice.

This is Stefani’s second marriage following her high-profile marriage to BUSH frontman Gavin Rossdale and Shelton’s third marriage. The “Minimum Wage” singer was previously married to Miranda Lambert and Kaynette Gern.

Shelton and Stefani got engaged back in late October 2020 in Shelton’s hometown of Oklahoma. They first met as coaches on NBC’s The Voice in 2014, following both of their public breakups. The superstar couple began dating in November 2015, just a year after working together as coaches on The Voice.

The couple has gone on to release four duets together throughout their relationship thus far, including “Nobody But You,” “Happy Anywhere” and more.

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