Ashley McBryde; Photo Courtesy of CBS Mornings
Ashley McBryde; Photo Courtesy of CBS Mornings

Ashley McBryde Opens Up About Near Fatal Horseback Riding Accident: “It Was Pretty Bad”

Ashley McBryde is getting back on the horse! Well – at some point she plans to, anyway. The country star recently appeared on CBS Mornings, where she opened up about her terrifying horseback riding accident that nearly cost her life.

Fans will recall in the fall of 2021, McBryde revealed she had suffered injuries due to falling off of a steed. At the time, McBryde played down how serious the incident was, keeping some of the details hush-hush. However, she did pen a note to fans on Instagram, telling followers she had been horseback riding on a mare named Jenny at a ranch in Montana. She and the horse made their way across bridges and through waters before the horse became “spooked.” It was then that McBryde says she lost control of her footing, was thrown off the horse, and hit her head.

Ashley McBryde “Recovering” After A Horseback Riding Accident

McBryde, who was in the midst of her headlining This Town Talks Tour, scheduled to run through the beginning of 2022, was rushed to the hospital. The accident forced her to postpone a handful of shows so she could receive the proper treatment and care she needed to heal from her injuries, which included a concussion that needed stitches. On top of that, the singer, who resumed touring quicker than one would expect, was unable to walk without assistance.

Looking back, McBryde recalled the terrifying experience, telling hosts of CBS Mornings the fall was “pretty bad,” and it “required life-saving measures.”

“We didn’t even know the extent of my injuries until all the imaging came back a little while later,” McBryde shared. “Life-saving measures were taken.”

McBryde, who doesn’t consider herself inexperienced at riding horses, is now hoping to one day get back on the saddle. For now, she is re-developing a bond with the horse who bucked her. McBryde recently returned to Missoula, Mont., to visit Jenny.

“I got to go visit her last week. I thought it was to tell her that I was okay. She doesn’t care if I’m okay, but it was to make sure that I knew I was okay,” McBryde shared.

Along with Jenny, McBryde also stopped to see the folks – Bart, Wendy, and Caroline – who tended to her needs after her accident.

“To look at the people that were there and helped save my life…to look at them and know that they put breath into my lungs for me so I could live,” an emotional McBryde said, “And to be able to look at them and say, ‘Thank you for saving my life.’”

On a brighter note, McBryde received a special surprise during her visit to the New York-based studio. She was joined by Garth Brooks, who dialed in via video chat. A teary-eyed Brooks appeared on the show to formally invite McBryde to become the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry.

“I’m here for a proposal, Ms. Ashley,” Brooks said. “You know where we’re at. … I’m standing in the [Opry’s] circle of wood right now where you stand. Ms. Ashley McBryde, on behalf of the Opry and myself as an Opry member — Imma try not to cry — we would love for you to consider becoming the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry.”

“It would be the great joy and the great honor of my life. Thank you, Garth,” McBryde said through a stream of happy tears.

McBryde is currently promoting her latest concept album entitled, Ashley McBryde, Presents: Lindeville. The album, which features the likes of Brothers Osborne, Aaron Raitiere, Caylee Hammack, and Brandy Clark, dropped on September 30.

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