Adam Doleac Talks On-Again-Off-Again Relationships With “Don’t Make Me Get Over You,” Upcoming Tour With Carly Pearce & More

Doleac opened up about his new single, “Don’t Make Me Get Over You,” hitting the road with Carly Pearce and what a day in the life on tour looks like.


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Posted on August 22, 2023

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Adam Doleac; Photo Courtesy of Matt Berinato

Although Adam Doleac wrote his latest single “Don’t Make Me Get Over You” back in 2019, he’s always loved the flirtatious tune about on-again-off-again relationships and wanted to release it.

“The timing seemed right to do it right now,” Doleac tells Music Mayhem. He wrote the tune with Andy Skib and Bobby Hamrick before the pandemic and then the song “just sat there for a while.” Doleac says he’s a big “title person” and that he loves the emotion of it.

“It has a lot of my favorite influences and it has a lot of John Mayer going on in there musically,” Doleac adds.

Doleac admits that he’s often known for his love songs, but he likes to mix it up sometimes for people who may be looking for love or in a complicated situation can relate to as well.

“I just thought that was a cool thing that everybody could relate to because I think we’ve all been there with somebody,” Doleac says of his latest single. “It’s like a flirty way of saying, please don’t come over tonight when you really want them to come over tonight.”

Listen To Adam Doleac’s “Don’t Make Me Get Over You” Below

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“Don’t Make Me Get Over You” follows Doleac’s recently released tracks including the viral fan-favorite track, “Biggest Fan” and “Wrong Side of a Sunrise.” In 2022, he released his 18-track debut album. Barstool Whiskey Wonderland.

Inspired By Musical Hero John Mayer

Listening to Doleac’s music, it’s easy to hear the influence of John Mayer.

“I think I’ve always been attracted to unique voices and listen-ability is a big thing for me. If I could listen to something for years and years and not get tired of it, that’s normally what I end up really loving. And that’s been John Mayer for me,” says Doleac.

From his high school days to now, Mayer has been a constant soundtrack to Doleac’s life and influenced his music.

“I would say ‘Comfortable’ off the first EP Back to You has always been one of my favorite songs,” Doleac says of his favorite Mayer tunes. “I don’t think there’s any John Mayer song that I don’t know pretty much every word to. I’ll throw ‘Gravity’ in the set some nights. I’ll throw ‘Slow Dancing in a Burning Room’ some nights, ‘Queen of California.’ … I’m just such a fan of his vocal and what he does.”

Dubbed “Country Music’s John Mayer”

When Doleac began teasing “Don’t Make Me Get Over You” on social media, he was flooded with comments calling him “country music’s John Mayer.”

He’s flattered by the compliment and hopes it encourages fans to listen to more of his music. “I love when fans say, ‘We love every single song. We listen to you all the time.’ When I put out a record, I want it to be good from number one to number 12. And so hopefully we’ve been able to do that.”

Adam Doleac; Photo Courtesy of Matt Berinato
Adam Doleac; Photo Courtesy of Matt Berinato

Wrote Songs For Darius Rucker, Lainey Wilson And More

In addition to writing his own music, Doleac has had songs recorded by Lainey Wilson and Darius Rucker.

Reflecting on the outside cut that has meant the most to him, he says, “I would originally have said Darius Rucker, just because Hootie & the Blowfish was my first CD I ever had growing up, and Darius had never even met me. He just heard this song [Don’t] and recorded it… And then after that I ended up getting a Hootie & the Blowfish cut as well, which was really crazy.”

Two of his current favorites are “Live Off,” recorded by Lainey Wilson, and a new Dan + Shay song, “Missing Someone” that will appear on their upcoming record Bigger Houses, due out in September. “Those are two of my favorite songs I’ve written. So they landed in pretty cool places.”

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To Join Carly Pearce On Country Music Made Me Do It Tour

Earlier this year, Doleac wrapped his first-ever headlining tour of stripped back acoustic performances with sold-out crowds and this fall, he’ll be joining Carly Pearce as a special guest on select dates of her Country Music Made Me Do It Tour, including stops in New York, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, and more.

Doleac initially heard that Pearce was interested in having him join her tour when he ran into her on a trail in Nashville.

“I didn’t really know her at this time, but I was running one day and I was going one way, she was going the other, and I thought I’d passed her,” he recalls. “I didn’t want to bug her because we’re in headphone land and trying to get through a five-mile run. But I messaged her afterward and I was like, hey, I’m pretty sure I just saw you on the greenway. Was that you? She’s like, oh my God, I thought that was you!”

After exchanging a few messages, Carly Pearce told Doleac, “By the way, I’m really trying to get you to come on tour with me this fall.” He was thrilled by the news. “I think it’s a really great fit. I’m a huge fan of Carly and what she does and her sound, and I think it’s a great fit for me and musically with fans and everything too.” He hopes to have Pearce sing on a song with him at some point as well.

Headlining Tour

When Doleac is on tour, his day usually starts by finding the nearest coffee shop and thrift store.

“The first thing I look at when I come to a new town is thrift stores, vintage thrift stores,” he says. “My real goal is to go find whatever I’ll wear on stage that night. I like to find it in the city that I’m in.”

After shopping, he enjoys going for a long run and discovering the city he’s in.

“I luckily have a very active group on the road, so we normally run four to six miles every day, so all three or four of us will take off and go run. It’s also a good way to see whatever city you’re in, is just go run it and look around. I like to high-five people as I’m running, so I just say hey to everybody as I’m going. Which is fun because a lot of times you’ll see fans on the road that you’re running on and they’ll be like, oh, I’m coming to see you tonight, and that’s always a good time.”

After his run, Doleac likes to work on writing music before heading to soundcheck and his VIP fan pre-show event. “After that, we play the show and then you kind of get back on the bus, fall asleep and wake up somewhere new and do it all again.”

For more information on Adam Doleac and his upcoming tour dates, visit his official website HERE.

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