Staind frontman Aaron Lewis; Photo Courtesy of YouTube
Staind frontman Aaron Lewis; Photo Courtesy of YouTube

Aaron Lewis Goes On Anti-Biden Rant During Concert: “Quit Trying To Ruin My F**king Country” [WATCH]

Aaron Lewis is no stranger to speaking out on his political beliefs and during a recent concert the singer went on a lengthy rant.

The STAIND frontman and conservative rock star shared his political opinions with the near-capacity crowd before singing his chart-topping hit, “Am I The Only One.” 

“All those statues, they were all Democrats. All of ’em. It’s funny how they’re trying to erase their own history. It’s their history,” Lewis began, “It’s not the fault of America in any way, shape or form. The scars of America are not the scars of America. They’re the scars of the Democratic Party, plain and simple. If you paid attention in history class, you’d know this already. But don’t take my word for it. Get off Google and look it up.”

“They think it’s about statues,” he continued. “They don’t think it’s about the thousands of ships parked just off our ports unable to unload the goods that we need so desperately because the government is standing in the f***ing way. It’s not about the fact that they are teaching our children to judge each other by the color of their skin. It’s not about the fact that we were all locked down while a bunch of Democrats rioted in the streets and burned down cities and looted stores. No, it’s not that at all. No, it’s about me defending a bunch of Democratic statues being torn down. It’s f**ing really f***ing ridiculous.”

The rock singer and solo country artist went on to tell the audience, “Wake up, people.”

“They’re purposely trying to sink our ship. A very small handful of people compared to all of us where the power lies. It is we the people,” Lewis added. “This is the only country in the world that is designed with the power from the bottom up. Every single thing that the government has ever done that wasn’t good for this country is to flip it around from the top down. If you want top down, go to any communist country in the f***ing world. Go to any socialist country in the world. Go to any other f***ing country in the world. Quit trying to ruin my f***ing country.”

Watch his full rant in the below clips.

The news comes just weeks after Lewis led a massive anti-Biden chant, while wearing a shirt that read, I could sh*t a better President.

The conservative rock star led a “f*** Joe Biden” chant during the group’s co-headlining concert with Korn in Scranton, which is the birthplace of the 46th President of the United States, on Saturday, Sept. 25, at The Pavilion at Montage Mountain.

During the Pennsylvania show, the rock frontman, who also tours as a solo country artist, urged fans to chant “f*** Joe Biden,” which many of the audience members partook in, while drummer Sal Giancarelli also joined in giving the chant some rhythm. The chant came before his performance of “So Far Away.”

In addition to the anti-Biden war cry, the “It’s Been Awhile” singer has been seen wearing hats and t-shirts that have read, “Impeach Biden,” “F*** Biden,” “I could sh*t a better President” and more in recent weeks on stage. He has also worn pro-Trump apparel as well during his shows, including a hat that read, “Trump For President.”

Additionally, the ring-winged singer shared a controversial new song earlier this year called “Am I The Only One,” which ended up going No. 1 on Country Radio.

Written by Lewis alongside two other songwriters’ Ira Dean and Jeffrey Steele, “Am I The Only One” finds the Staind frontman singing about the removal of Confederate monuments, dissing rock star Bruce Springsteen, detailing his liberal values and more in the new right-wing-leaning ballad.

In the song, Lewis comments on the removal of Confederate statues singing “another statue comin’ down in a town near you / watchin’ the threads of Old Glory come undone,” while also dissing Springsteen with the lyric, “Am I the only one who quits singin’ along / every time they play a Springsteen song?”

The track, released on July 2 as a standalone single, marked Lewis’ first solo release of 2021.

This article is solely a news piece and does not reflect the political views or opinions of the website and its staff.

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