A Day To Remember’s Jeremy McKinnon Says New Album Has Pop Songs and Some “Really Kick Ass Heavy Songs”

In a new interview with NME, A Day to Remember frontman Jeremy McKinnon discussed the band’s forthcoming new album, You’re Welcome. As you probably already know the album was originally expected to be released in November 2019, but has since been postponed due to the album not being complete and the artwork still not being figured out. However the band says it will be out this year via their new label home, Fueled By Ramen.

“There are songs on this album that are mixes of things that I don’t know exist yet. It feels like ADTR, it feels like today and it also feels like a heavy band, all wrapped up in one,” McKinnon said in an interview with NME about the direction of the new album. “We branch out in directions we never have before, and it’s executed better than things we’ve done before. I just think they’re better songs.”

McKinnon said that the band demoed 30-40 songs for the new record and each song was different, However he is retracting his statement about this being the bands happiest record as the sounds he was counting on didn’t get picked for the album. He does say however that it “isn’t this super dark, brooding record about some guy who is scared of whether his life choices work out, because my life choices did work out. I’m a father now, I’m happily married and I got a lot in my life I’m thankful for. A lot of those songs naturally showed that, but there’s still plenty on there that will feel familiar, so it’s about half and half.

When asked if there are songs that people will hate on this record, McKinnon said “We always disappoint someone. Trust me, we do that every record.” However he and the band are not scared about it cause they expect it, He continued to tease that they have “gone further on this album.”

He continued to tell fans that yes there are some pop songs on the new album but there are also some heavy songs as well. “If you’re looking to say we wrote a pop record, there’s absolutely some songs on there that give you the ammo to say that but there’s also some really kick ass heavy songs as well,” he told NME. McKinnon also previously teased that this album will have one of the “heaviest songs of the band’s career” on it.

The variety of genres that the band’s songs fall into is not only beneficial to the band as they gain new fans across different genres but also for the band’s growth as there “aren’t many band that could go on tour with both Slipknot and Blink-182 and not get bottled,” and as McKinnon said he think’s that “pretty unique” to A Day to Remember.

You’re Welcome still does not have an official release date as of yet due to the album art not being completed still as the band says that “every ADTR record has had these cool silhouettes that are unique to them” and they want to continue to the trend. As it is “important” for the band to continue “that legacy” even though the artwork will be the size of a dime on your phone screen when listening to the record upon its release.

And as McKinnon said “We didn’t make people wait for no fucking reason, so it better be right.”

Read the band’s full interview with NME, HERE. Here is everything else we know about the band’s forthcoming new record, You’re Welcome.

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