11 Songs That Will Cheer You Up During Hard Times

It seems right now that most people are going through some rough times. College students in particular have more stress in this day and age than previous generations. They don’t feel like working or writing their essays anymore. They now pay for essay writing and other academic work, which is totally untestable given the hard times the world is going through.

Music Therapy has been used for centuries to aid in relieving stress and boosting poor moods. Thankfully in this century, streaming music and making a playlist of songs that make you feel good has never been easier. Why not take a breather and make a quick playlist of some “I Feel Good” songs to ease anxiety and give a jump start to productivity.

1. “We Didn’t Start the Fire” – Billy Joel
This upbeat classic with it’s fun, quick-paced lyrics -and a built-in American History lesson -will have you singing along to this catchy tune in no time. If you can keep up with the lyrics, this song is sure to impress friends, too.

2. “Last Friday Night” – Katy Perry
Another boppy song that will lift desolate spirits quickly, this selection is a fun distraction from the monotony of life, even if for only a few minutes. “Last Friday Night” belongs at the top of every playlist of songs to make you feel good. Live vicariously through Katy Perry in this hit, some antics described in the lyrics aren’t quite recommended.

3. “You Raise Me Up” – Josh Groban
Everyone has that special someone that they go to in times of frustration and need. Talking to a significant other, parent, friend, even a deity can serve as a way to get your emotions off your chest and out of your mind. Josh Groban puts into words a deep expression of love that many people cannot replicate with his single, “You Raise Me Up.”

4. “The Middle” – Jimmy Eat World
Nothing says “I Feel Good Song” like the lyrics in this early 2000s hit. “It doesn’t matter if it’s good enough for someone else” is a healthy reminder and inspiration for having confidence and breaking away from the beaten path.

5. “The Git Up” – Blanco Brown
”Fun” cannot even begin to describe this country/hip hop mash-up. With lyrics that describe every move, there isn’t an excuse not to just get up and dance along with this song. If this doesn’t release some endorphins and help you feel better during tough times, it’s hard to imagine a song that would.

6. “Stand By You” – Rachel Platten
Stepping back from fun and catchy and into more inspirational, “Stand By You” is a gentle reminder that no matter how desolate the times seem, especially right now, nobody is ever truly alone. “Even if we can’t find Heaven, I’ll walk through Hell with you” is about as comforting as it gets for songs that make you feel good.

7. “Lover” – Taylor Swift
While this song isn’t a fast-paced single as were the songs mentioned previously, it is undeniable that Taylor Swift felt every emotion as the lyricist of this beautiful love song. This type of songs can cheer you up during hard times. If you have to do some mind work like writing essays during hard times it can make you frustrated. Besides, not everyone has the natural talent of writing, and this can be stressful for students. If finances allow, maybe take into consideration that you can pay for essay on the Australian service. It is good to pay someone to write your essay while you sit back and relax your mind, listening to your playlist of songs that make you feel good.

8. “Letter to Me” – Brad Paisley
Most people feel like their adolescence and early adulthood years are supposed to be the “best years of your life.” In this single by Brad Paisley, your heartstrings are not just pulled. They are yanked. Don’t be ashamed if a couple of tears fall during this song. Another inspiring song of “things will get better” that shouldn’t be left off of any playlist of feel-good songs.

9. “Most People Are Good” – Luke Bryan
Reading the morning paper or turning on the local news can be a stark reminder lately of the hatred in this world. Fortunately, Luke Bryan is here to remind us that “Most People are Good.” From “most mamas ought-ta qualify for sainthood,” to “you love who you love, ain’t nothin’ you should ever be ashamed of,” this single is worth playing on repeat two or three or ten times. This wraps you up in comfort at its finest.

10. “Carry On” – Fun.
”If you’re lost and alone, or you’re sinking like a stone, carry on.” The band’s vocalist has a way of delivering these lyrics to tell the stories of emotions every human being has felt. In times of crisis there may not be an emotion that can be put into words. “Just carry on” is some of the best advice you can get out of a pop song.

11. “Hand in my Pocket” – Alanis Morissette
Circling back around to catchy, get up and move songs, Alanis Morissette has a way of providing lyrics that are easily related to from the very first line of this song. “I’m broke but I’m happy” is essentially the opening line of a four-minute anthem screaming out “don’t stress about it.”

There really are few faster ways to boost your mood than to take a break, stream or download some “I Feel Good” songs, and give your brain some time away. Most people are more productive when they step away from the stress for a while and refresh. If you are a student then pay to write essay and give yourself some break. Music can boost your productivity, aid in concentration, and overall, just make you say, “I feel good!”

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