WATCH: Chayce Beckham Performs Two Unreleased Songs “Whiskey On The Wall” & “Addicted & Clean”

Chayce Beckham performed two brand new, unreleased songs at a recent concert. The American Idol winner and California native performed as part of a benefit concert supporting Middle Tennessee flood victims at 6th & Peabody’s Ole Smoky Distillery and Yee…


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Posted on September 18, 2021

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Chayce Beckham; Photo Courtesy of Video

Chayce Beckham performed two brand new, unreleased songs at a recent concert.

The American Idol winner and California native performed as part of a benefit concert supporting Middle Tennessee flood victims at 6th & Peabody’s Ole Smoky Distillery and Yee Haw Brewery in Downtown Nashville on September 7. In addition to Beckham, the event also featured Craig Campbell, Canaan Smith, Chris Weaver, Tiffany Goss, Will Nance and Jason Sever.

Beckham performed several songs during his set that included a few unreleased tracks such as “Addicted & Clean” and “Whiskey On The Wall,” as well as his debut single “23.”

Watch Beckham perform “Addicted & Clean” and “Whiskey On The Wall,” and “23” below.

“Addicted & Clean”

“No I ain’t sober but I’m over you most days / Getting closer but you’re a habit I can’t break / I’m somewhere between locked up & free / the first thing I want / the last thing I need / the man I am, the man I wanna be / I’m somewhere between addicted & clean,” Beckham sings in the chorus.

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“Whiskey On The Wall”

“Well I’m just sitting hoping / that the second that I open up the bottle I find out what I should do / and I know that I’ve been leaning on you way to much this evening / but I’m trying to run away from all the truth / show me the man that can’t remember her at all / oh, whiskey whiskey / oh, whiskey whiskey / on the wall,” Beckham sings on the chorus of the unreleased new track. “Whiskey, whiskey on the wall / would you take the blame / would you take the fall / if I wind up texting her some message and asking if she’s up / would you keep me company if she isn’t?”


“Now I’m 23 and there ain’t nobody who can drink like me / Soon I’ll be 24 and the Lord knows that I can’t drink no more / I know I shoulda taken it slow / It’s not the way that my life goes / Now I know,” Beckham sings on his autobiographical debut single.

Additionally, the former heavy machinery operator has been “working endlessly” to get new music out for his fans and he recently shared that he just wrapped recording a few songs this week, which sent fans into a frenzy of excitement as they await the tunes that will follow his chart-topping debut single “23.”

On Thursday (Sept. 2), Beckham shared an update with fans in the form of a message via Instagram, alongside a photo of himself on his couch playing guitar in his Nashville home.

“Just wrapped up recording some songs this week, getting ready to head out to Milwaukee and just sitting here pinching myself asking if this is all still real,” the 24-year-old captioned his recent Instagram post. “I get so fired up when I listen to these tracks. I see the videos and the concerts in my head and when the vision all comes together and I feel like I’m accomplishing something really good here.”

Beckham continued, “I’m really proud of what we’ve created and I say we because truly it’s a team effort, and I can’t wait till I can share some of my new work with the world 🌎 I want to thank all my fans for being so patient and everyone who’s been coming to the shows and driving hours on end to hear these new songs I’ve been playing. I love hearing y’all’s feedback after the shows❤️ just know I’m working endlessly and creating endlessly as I promised I would. I’m loving every second and I plan on doing this for a long long time.”

In late August, Beckham teased fans, letting them know he was working on new music with producer Ross Copperman for them to sing-a-long to. He was also recently seen in the studio with fellow country singer and BBR Music Group artist Lindsay Ell, which prompted fans to suspect that the pair are potentially working on a collaboration together.

“Makin more songs far y’all to singalong to,” Beckham previously shared alongside a photo of him and Copperman in the studio via Instagram on Tuesday (Aug. 31).

The American Idol winner will release his new music via 19 Recordings in partnership with BBR Music Group/Wheelhouse Records.

Beckham is expected to release his debut album featuring his single “23” sometime this year.

Additionally, In early July 2021, Beckham gave fans an update on the new music that’s coming.

“I just got back from writing a song in town today, and it went really good,” the Apple Valley native explained. “I’m really happy with the way the song came out, but we’ve been doing these writes almost everyday for the last few weeks. We’re doing one song a day, two songs again, and I think we’re going to have more songs then we’ll know what to do with.”

He continued to shared that he is so excited to share new music with his fans as the songs are very “special” to him. The former heavy machinery operator told fans he is working on new music and it will be coming out soon.

“So, I’m really excited to get to share some of these songs with y’all and really get your feedback on some of them,” Beckham added. “They’re special to me, so, I just can’t wait to kind of share this with you guys and I just wanted to kind of give you guys an update. I know you guys are waiting for new music and it’s coming soon, so, I’m working on it.”

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