WATCH: Blake Shelton Impressed By Jeremy Rosado’s Rascal Flatts’ Cover On ‘The Voice’

Jeremy Rosado, a 29-year-old from Tampa, Florida, impressed during week two of NBC’s The Voice blind auditions with a cover of a Rascal Flatts’ song.

Rosado covered Rascal Flatts’ “Here Comes Goodbye,” the first single from the country trio’s album, Unstoppable. 

“I’m not a country artist, but I just love to take songs and just make it my own,” Rosado admitted before his audition. “This song, it really is talking about people adjusting, and this is such a transition period for me and for my daughter.”

Watch his performance below.

The contestant’s piano-driven blind audition, complete with soaring vocals, earned a two-chair from Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton. 

“That was… incredibly cool because I was like okay R&B singing this country song,” Clarkson said as he concluded his performance. “That’s actually what we do on Team Kelly, because that’s what I love to do personally. Nobody has anybody on their team like you because nobody sings like you.”

“There were a couple parts where I was like hmm… but you’re so overwhelmingly talented as a vocalist, I would go for a motion of repitch when it comes to a vocalist like you.”

“I didn’t push because I was slightly nervous about control, but then you got to that high note, and you nailed it. It was like absolutely perfect,” Grande gushed.

After Rosado told Grande how big of a fan his daughter is, Shelton tried to get her on his side to get the contestant to pick him as his coach.

“Hey Ariana, good buddy, don’t you think I’d be a great coach for Jeremy?” Shelton asked Grande.

“You know what, you want my real opinion?” Grande replied, as Shelton said “Depends.” 

“Don’t ask then,” Grande told the country hitmaker, before telling the contestant, “You have so many really special parts of your voice and I think that Kelly would be able to help you.” 

“Oh my gosh, I think so too,” Clarkson yelled back to Grande.

“I haven’t even pitched myself,” Shelton shouted. “It’s on now!” 

“What I loved about your performance is you wouldn’t take no for an answer. You just kept getting better and better, that’s the kind of artist I want to work with. The ones that continued to dig and even in the moment you did that and that’s impressive dude.” 

“What’s clear to us is how big your heart is and that’s what going to carry you in this competition,” Legend added.

Rosado then chose Clarkson as his coach. 

“I love your voice,” Clarkson gushed as she welcomed him to her team with a Team Kelly jacket.

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