Walker Hayes Is “Grateful” His Wife & Kids Are Able To Tour With Him, Says It’s A “Pretty Indescribable” Feeling

“We are making memories that all of us will share together for a lifetime,” Hayes shared.


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Posted on April 18, 2023

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Walker Hayes And Family; Photo Courtesy of Instagram

Walker Hayes may have the busiest bus in the business!

The country-pop star is currently on the road as part of his headlining Duck Buck Tour, and he’s made his home away from home a true family affair. Along for the journey is his wife, Laney Beville Hayes, and the couple’s six children, Lela, Chapel, Baylor, Beckett, Loxley, and Everly. That’s not all, though.

Hayes and his brood own three dogs, and the pets have joined the family on the trek as well.

“It’s Constant Chaos”

“Yeah, I mean it’s constant chaos,” Hayes told The Observer of the family’s living arrangements in a recent interview. “There is literally never a dull moment. I know that’s a cliché that people say, but in our life, it is never dull.”

Hayes isn’t the only busy person on the bus either. His wife is in charge of homeschooling the couple’s six children. The “Fancy Like” singer, 43, informs that even though the home on wheels is packed out, there’s plenty of space to fit the entire party. 

“Our Bus Is Actually Quite Spacious”

“We [each] have our own bunk where we sleep,” Hayes, who recently shared an image of his family’s living quarters on Instagram, shared. “The dogs join a different person each night…. And our bus is actually quite spacious, but we fill it up really fast every Wednesday night when it picks us up.”

“There’s a laundry basket full of books my kids use for school. Underneath the bus, we packed scooters, skateboards, basketballs, footballs, Wiffle ball bats, about anything we can do in the parking garage beneath the arena, or on the field at the festival or wherever we’re playing,” he added of all of the equipment that’s on board to help keep his kids active.

He continued, “You know I can walk on stage from a game of Jenga. We can be backstage going at it, playing a game of Jenga, playing a game of Phase 10, watching a football game, and I can literally go step into a huddle, pray with my team and then walk on stage. And then, as soon as the show ends, we can go and pick up where we left off.”

His Family Also Joins Him On Stage Every Night

Aside from joining him on the road, Hayes’ family also sometimes takes the stage with him to help pump up the energy of the crowds.

“Night one of the Duck Buck tour was so smooth! Love being back out on the road! @breland and @ingridandress ARE INSANE🔥🔥🔥 and I think we are moving toward calling the fan club the Duck Buckers 😂😂😂💪💪,” Hayes captioned one post, which shows his kids on stage with him during night one of the tour.

For Hayes, having his family in tow is something that he will cherish forever. He was able to bring them along last year, and those moments are something he says he’ll never forget.

“We’re going to remember these days. It’s a lot of laundry. It’s hard on Laney. It’s a lot of packing up. But it’s just a beautiful, chaotic thing that I think not everybody gets to do,” Hayes previously told CMT. “I’d have given anything to have had this much time with my dad as a kid. So, I’m grateful for that. I’m kind of like, ‘Hey, if that’s how we’re working, I’ll go anywhere management tells me to go. I’m good with that.”

“It’s A Special Atmosphere For Me”

Still, the sentiment rings true as Hayes fully appreciates the support he receives from both his wife and kids, acknowledging that “My kids, they’ve sacrificed a lot.”

“It’s a special atmosphere for me. I’m just so grateful. My kids, they’ve sacrificed a lot to join me on the road, and so they make it easy for me to be a present father because I don’t ever have to say bye to them,” Hayes said. “And then, I haven’t even gotten to my wife. I mean she’s the best. We are making memories that all of us will share together for a lifetime.”

“We get to be together more than any family I know. I can only hope that that’s going to be beneficial for my kids down the road, hopefully, that’ll strengthen their own families,” he continued. “It truly is the season of all seasons for us. We are having so much fun traveling the world and looking at each other in the face after we’ve all done the ‘Fancy Like’ dance in front of 10,000 [people], you know, people going crazy. I mean it’s pretty indescribable.”

Walker Hayes; Photo Courtesy of Instagram
Walker Hayes And Family; Photos Courtesy of Instagram

Hayes launched his headlining 23-date arena tour, the Duck Buck Tour, on Thursday (April 13) in Rosemont, IL. Ingrid Andress, BRELAND, Ray Fulcher, Nicolle Galyon, and Chris Lane are special guests on select dates of the trek, which wraps on August 5 in Sterling Heights, MI.

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