At a very young age, an Alabama native was struggling with the harsh reality of alcohol abuse. While contemplating seeking help or continuing down a dark path, music suddenly became the saving grace needed to push the southern teen in the right direction. Viral sensation turned Nashville breakout artist, Trey Lewis is the strong survivor that found hope in life by simply fiddling with a guitar and writing some songs.

Following long hours grinding at a smoothie shop, Lewis mustered up just enough cash to cover half of the life-altering string instrument. While his grandfather insisted on paying the remaining expense, the Alabama native made a promise with himself to channel his energy towards the craft.

“I taught myself how to play,” Lewis shared in an exclusive Music Mayhem interview. “Music for me has always been a part of the healing process. I feel like music gives us a feeling that we can’t get from anywhere else… It’s a universal love language.”

The self-taught performer continued to share that building up the courage to ask for help was the best decision of his life and pressed him to surround himself with like-minded individuals. “If there is anybody out there struggling with addiction or alcoholism, just ask for help,” he said in confidence before confessing that music became his ‘safe space.’ “I continued to do things to stay sober. I started working with other alcoholics and addicts and even helped them get sober. That’s part of the 12-step deal.”

As he embarked on his positive recovery journey, Lewis took a man involved in a rock & roll band under his wing. It wasn’t long until his sober companion offered Lewis an invitation to head out to Nashville to sit in on a recording session. As the aspiring artist embraced the professional dynamic in the studio, he got asked to show off his skills. At the time, he wrapped his acoustic guitar around his neck and shared the only original he had up his sleeve.

Trey Lewis; Photo Provided
Trey Lewis; Photo Provided

“I played him a song I wrote called “Frankie Didn’t Die Out In Montana.” It was not a very good song, but he was like ‘dude, you got a hell of a voice and if you move to Nashville, we would like to do a whole EP,’” he shared about the memorable moment that inspired him to pack his bags instantly.

In just under three months, Lewis created his first EP and split his time between Birmingham and Nashville as he completed college courses. After becoming a must-see act in music city, Lewis took a leap of faith and created his own band consisting of individuals also in recovery. The group never stopped striving for success, as Lewis even sold his car to afford a recording slot in Music City.

The years of dedication have recently paid off, as Lewis is now one of the most promising names in Nashville. While he has been in the music industry for quite some time, he turned to TikTok to help build his community.

Following the release of his 2020 country-rock anthem, “D—ked Down In Dallas,” Trey was catapulted to stardom. The erotic, yet humorous lyrics and high-energy melody raked in over 3.3 Million views and over 424K likes on the powerful platform alone. Eventually –  the smash-hit became the party song of the year, scored high placement on the Billboard charts, reached No. 1 on the all-genre US iTunes sales chart, and was certified platinum. “Nobody can ever take that away from me,” the breakthrough star told Music Mayhem reporter Tiffany Goldstein as he pointed to a blinding plaque over his shoulder that symbolizes his rapid success. 

Off the heels of the catchy single, the independent artist continued to keep up the positive momentum and released a five-track EP titled, Shut The Door. The collection showcases Trey’s traditional side of songwriting, yet it was the launch of the breakup ballad, “Single Again,” that proves that Trey Lewis is a full-package artist in the making.

The feel-good song strikes a solid balance between modern and traditional, a mixture that is hard to come by in the country music space. Similar to legends Wheeler Walker Jr. and Toby Keith – Lewis is not afraid to step outside the box to create ear-worthy tracks. His infectious sound and unorthodox writing approach could encourage any music-goer to accept the new wave of country.

Trey Lewis; Photo Provided
Trey Lewis; Photo Provided

“I feel like this song bridges the gap between my wild side and my more serious side,” Lewis shared about “Single Again,” which dropped on January 14. “It’s a fun song, and it’s something you would want to roll your windows down too…even if it’s freezing cold,” he said while laughing.

“Single Again” marks the start of a new chapter for the rising star, as he exclusively told Music Mayhem that he will be launching new content every six or seven weeks throughout the year. The “Blue Collar Prayers” singer also revealed that he will be joining forces with notable names in the industry and will be embarking on a headline tour with a very special guest in the near future.

“Me and Dillon Carmichael are going to be doing a song together,” he said, full of excitement. Lewis also confirmed that he will be penning a fresh hit with song smith Adam Hood and will be working alongside the producer behind chart-topping track “D—ked Down In Dallas,” Alex Maxwell again. “We’ve got a huge tour announcement coming up soon, but we can’t tell you who it is with,” he teased before expressing his gratitude.

“I feel like between having a publishing deal and touring, I’m working harder than I have ever worked in my entire life… I’m grateful for it.” Although the opener to Trey’s concert might be under wraps, tickets are currently available for purchase, and his most recent banger “Single Again” is out and ready to be played on repeat.

Trey Lewis; Photo Provided
Trey Lewis; Photo Provided
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