Metro Station Returns 2020

Trace Cyrus Confirms Metro Station Reunion, New Music is Coming in 2020

In a new interview with Alternative Press, Trace Cyrus has confirmed that Metro Station is reuniting and that new music is coming in 2020.

The band made their official breakup announcement in August 2017, releasing what was said to be their final album and touring on their farewell tour. However, Now Cyrus says that he and Mason Musso “randomly just got back together, started working on the music. That’s the reason I’m in Los Angeles now. I came to work with Mason and just restart this Metro Station thing.”

Continuing to boast of Metro Station’s streaming success with “Shake It” Cyrus says, “It’s just our fanbase is still out there somewhere, and they’re searching for us. So we just want to give them what they want.”

New music is coming sooner than we expected though as the duo is currently “in the studio here in Calabasas,” and they “just finished” their “third song back together in the past week. So it’s been going really good.”

As for exactly when the new music is coming Cyrus says “The goal is for me to come back here after I get to spend the holidays with my family and then shoot our first music video and just put a single out to the world. Most likely be like, “Here’s our first song and video and then album on the way.”

The band is said to be returning to their roots for this album to give fans exactly what they want, bringing back the “more upbeat dance vibe.”

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