Todd Tilghman Talks New Single, Upcoming Book, Possible Plans To Release A Song With His Son And More

Season 18 champion of NBC’s The Voice, Todd Tilghman sat down with us to chat about what he has been up to since winning the popular singing competition show. And since winning the show, he’s been up to A LOT, he has made the move from Mississippi to Tennessee, released his first single entitled “In A Heartache,” announced a book and reality show and performed at a sold out concert residency in Pigeon Forge for several months.

The singer plans to release the book that he wrote alongside his wife Brooke entitled, Every Little Win: How Celebrating Small Victories Can Lead to Big Joy, this summer. The book is available for preorder now HERE.

Read our full Q&A with Tilghman below and make sure to check out his new single “In A Heartache.”

How has life been treating you since winning NBC’s The Voice?

GOOD! I’ve been working on a lot of new things, and I’ve been building relationships with tons of insanely talented people. I’ve just been generally BUSY, but GOOD busy.

Have you been in contact at all with your coach Blake Shelton from your triumphant season of The Voice? Do you guys have any plans to work on any music together in the near future? Has he heard your new single yet?

I haven’t spoken to Blake in a minute. He did mention wanting to do something together back at the finale of Season 18, so if he decides he does, I’ll see if I can pencil him in ?. I don’t know if he’s heard it yet or not, but I sent it to him!

You recently released your first single since winning ‘The Voice’ entitled “In A Heartache,” can you tell us the story behind the song?

I wrote this song together with Don Poythress and Tony Wood. The general idea of the song is that love always starts out fun and exciting, but it can be pretty hard. In the end, if I had to go through all those hard things again to get to where we are now. I would do it in a heartache.

Your new single was accompanied by a music video with a cinematic storyline, can you tell us about the making of the video and what inspired it?

First let me say how impressed I am with the video! It was directed and filmed by Devon Lancaster. The inspiration was the story in the song. I think the general creative vision was to capture a couple in a distinct, exciting beginning, and then follow them through the inevitable ups and downs that come after.

Will the new song appear on a forthcoming EP or album? Can you tell us about that?

As of right now, yes! I’ve been writing and in the studio a TON, and there’s so much I’m excited to share with everyone. Ideally, I will release a single every 4-6 weeks until June. Then there will be an EP (possibly even a full album) with a handful of bonus tracks. Maybe even a collab or two. I have some ideas and some things up my sleeve.

Do you have any plans on releasing music with any of your musically inclined children?

I hope so. I wouldn’t say we have definite plans, but my son (Asher) is a pretty gifted lyricist and rap artist. He and I have discussed a few ideas!

You’ve mentioned that you’re working on a book with Tricia Goyer, how is that going and what can fans expect from it?

That’s coming in June! It’s called Every Little Win: How Celebrating Small Victories Can Lead to Big Joy and It’s going well. It’s really a book about our family and faith, and all the little victories that every person can learn to celebrate every day.

You also have a reality show in the works of you and your family with Amber and Guy Lia, can you tell us more about that?

As of now, I think that project is kind of on hold.

How was your Pigeon Forge concert residency and do you have any live concerts planned for the near future?

Pigeon Forge was great! It gave me an opportunity to appear live and perform, following the COVID guidelines in the area, of course. And it gave me an opportunity to connect with many of the people who have so selflessly supported me and my family. I do have some shows coming up in Arizona this March, a couple writers rounds in Nashville, and I’ll have another big show at the Temple in Meridian on April 08.

Can you tell us about your brand of country that you call ‘Soul Country,’ what inspired you to pursue that genre?

I don’t know if it’s my brand. Lots of artists before me have done a better job than I have at it. I think I pursued this genre because it gives me an opportunity to just kind of tell the truth in my music, and be myself — a Deep South, red clay Mississippi boy with a little bit of church house soul.

What is coming up for you in 2021/2022?

Music! I’m working hard to write and find good songs, and make connections, and hopefully start touring!

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