Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins; Photos Courtesy of Instagram
Thomas Rhett & Lauren Akins; Photos Courtesy of Instagram

Thomas Rhett & Wife Lauren Akins Pen Heartfelt Messages To Each Other On Ninth Wedding Anniversary

Today on Oct. 12, Country music superstar Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren Akins shared throwback photos of their relationship on social media, in honor of their ninth wedding anniversary.

Rhett took to Instagram first to share a photo of him and his better half. Although the image is not of today’s quality standards, it doesn’t matter because it has captured a very special moment in time for the two of them.

“This picture was taken in a field in Tennessee in 2011,” Rhett explained. “I knew from this one night that we were gonna get married and grow old together. Here we are 9 years into marriage. I’m thankful to God every day that You said yes to marrying me! What a wild ride of just being us two for 5 years, to now having 3 beautiful baby girls, to almost welcoming our 4th baby! What is life?!?! I love you so much @laur_akins, and I can’t wait to see what the next 50 years has to hold for us.”

Lauren chose to share another priceless memory for the couple, their wedding day. They might look a little different now, nine years later, but their love appears stronger than ever.

“9 years ago today babe. So grateful for this life with you and our babies,” Lauren began. “Thank you for loving me so well over the years of us 🙂 also, how fitting that Live in Love in Commitment with you is out today on our anniversary **link is in my bio & this is the pic TR talks about at the beginning of the podcast reminiscing on the early parts of our marriage.”

When this photo was taken in 2012, they had no children and their life as a married couple was just beginning. Fast forward to 2021 and they now have three daughters, Willa Gray, Ada James and Lennon Love. They adopted their first daughter, Willa, from Uganda in 2017, welcomed their second child, Ada, into their lives later that year, and in 2020, their third daughter, Lennon, was born. The story doesn’t end there though, because soon there will be another little one running around the house, but her name has yet to be revealed.

In her caption, Lauren referenced her podcast, “Live in Love.” In this episode titled, “Live in Love in Commitment with Thomas Rhett,” which she recorded with her husband, as this week’s guest, the couple speaks about their wedding photos, including the one shown on social media today, and looking back on what that day was like for them.

This podcast follows her book, “Live in Love,” in which she dives deep into their relationship, starting off when they were just kids in second grade, making friends with their neighbors. They dated in high school, broke up for a few years to date other people, and eventually found their way back to each other. She explains the ups and downs and all the hardship that their relationship has endured over the years. The couple has been married for nine years, but their love stems far beyond that.

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