‘The Voice’ Finalist Morgan Myles Talks Forthcoming Bryce Leatherwood Duet & Working With Brayden Lape

“It came together extremely fast, but I think people were excited about it, which kind of blew our minds,” Myles said of her forthcoming duet with Leatherwood.


Melinda Lorge


Posted on February 16, 2023

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Morgan Myles, Bryce Leatherwood, Brayden Lape; Photo Courtesy of NBC/The Voice

Morgan Myles is a powerhouse vocalist. She can make magic with any song solo. But, when she announced she would be collaborating with fellow The Voice alum Bryce Leatherwood, who won the show’s 22nd season, fans rejoiced. 

“This is great! I’m anxious to hear the finished product! Should be a great collaboration!” one person tweeted in response to Myles’ announcements, which included the caption, “Just tracked an original song with #BryceLeatherwood and I just wrote last week… feels good to get back in the booth with new music .”

“Can’t wait to hear the full thing ,” another person tweeted, commenting on the Jan. 16th sneak peek of the track, which has Myles’ personal music style written all over it. 

A third person tweeted, “Yessss!!! Can’t wait to hear more! Your voices blend so beautifully!”

Now Myles is sharing more about the incredible duet she has planned with Leatherwood. Folks will recall Myles made her Grand Ole Opry debut at Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium on Jan. 6 and performed two of her songs – “Sanctuary” and “Woman Of My Word.” She even earned a much-deserved standing ovation. 

Turns out that night paved the way for another opportunity to fall into her hands – a duet with Leatherwood. 

“So, Bryce came into town for my Opry debut at the Ryman…. Two days later, I think it was Monday. [Bryce] was like, ‘Hey, Morgs, I haven’t seen you.’ He stopped by my house, and it was in the evening. He is like, ‘Well, do you want to write?’” Myles explained the conversation exchange. “I was like, ‘Yeah. We can try. I’m exhausted, but we can try.’ And so we threw this song out. Then, that following Monday, we recorded it. Three days later, we made a little music video. All of it’s being cleaned up right now. So yeah, it came together extremely fast, but I think people were excited about it, which kind of blew our minds, but it sounds good. I think people will enjoy it.”

Bryce Leatherwood, Morgan Myles; Photo Courtesy of Trae Patton/NBC
Bryce Leatherwood, Morgan Myles; Photo Courtesy of Trae Patton/NBC

Myles and Leatherwood have yet to announce a release date and the title for their forthcoming collaboration. However, the pair did share an update on the highly anticipated release. A shared Instagram story posted on Thursday (Feb. 16) shows the duet partners rehearsing their new collaboration together, while in Leatherwood’s home state of Georgia. They also show off their undeniable chemistry as they share harmonies and joke about how Leatherwood has not yet moved to Nashville. 

“Look who showed up to rehearsal. Might be a surprise tomorrow,” a note reads inside the clip, insinuating that folks should stay tuned into their social media pages to find out what that surprise might be. 

Or perhaps Leatherwood will join Myles as a guest during her set on Feb. 16 at MadLife Stage and Studios in Woodstock, GA. 

Leatherwood isn’t the only contestant from The Voice that Myles has been working with these days. She has previously posted Instagram clips showing her working alongside, fellow The Voice alum Brayden Lape. 

“So, Brayden’s more of like – I have been helping him on the development side. Even before going back to the playoffs, he and his parents came up. I got him into the studio for the first time, got him writing, and then we had to go back to the playoffs [for The Voice], which was just obviously a whirlwind,” Myles explained. “Then, in the meantime, we worked on getting the tracks. They came back right after Christmas because they live in Michigan. We got Brayden’s final vocals and all that good stuff. And we recorded a music video for him.”

Myles went on to tease fans with the exciting news that Brayden Lape has new music on the way.

“So, he’s got new music coming out here really soon, but it’s truly just getting him started and getting his feet wet, understanding how much this entails, and building a little team for him to get him started and off the ground. I think he’s a great talent,” she continued. “I think he is such a good learner and he is a sponge right now, and he listens so well, and he is super, super grateful for everything I’m doing for him. And yeah, I just want to help him in any way I can, and, hopefully, he won’t have some of the setbacks I experienced. I just want him to be surrounded by good people because he is a good kid.” 

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