Stray Kids’ Dominate New York City on ‘District 9: Unlock’ Tour at Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden

K-Pop sensation, Stray Kids kicked off their District 9: Unlock Tour at Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden in New York City on Jan. 29 with a near-capacity crowd, that had a line that wrapped around the arena to get into the show. The band’s fandom are labeled, Stay, and as Felix explained in an interview with Kelly Ripa on Live with Kelly & Ryan, the meaning behind the name of their fandom, “The reason why we chose ‘Stay’ is because from ‘Stray Kids’ if we take out the ‘r,’ that ‘r’ becomes ‘reason.’ So we thought that Stay would be the reason why we’re Stray Kids.”

The adored 8-piece group included Bang Chan, Lee Know, Changbin, Hyunjin, Han, Felix, Seungmin, and I.N., who took to the stage after a very theatrical video introducing each member to a roaring applause from the sold out crowd, who eagerly anticipated the grand entrance from them. The excitement of the crowd erupted as they hit the stage to “District 9,” The crowd shined just as bright as the band on stage with the sold out crowd holding up their Stray Kids light sticks, known as najimbongs, nearly every fan in attendance had one in their hand

Their production boasted of multiple, very unique massive screens divided into three-pieces that moved throughout the evening unveiling members and different props that assisted in their impressive stage show. Their very dynamic stage was only a small part of their extraordinary show as they had some very spectacular, attention-grasping choreography and some stylish wardrobe complete with stunning embellishments. The visually stunning show was next level on graphics that were almost in a 3D effect and very vibrant colors.

We’ll give you guys the best 2020 ever, promise,” Bang Chan told the crowd.

Their very energy-filled performance brought fans to their feet even though there were seats filling the venue, but not one fan sat down throughout the entire duration of their nearly 3-hour set. Powering through their set with songs like “Victory Song,” “Question,” a remix of “Rock,” “Get Cool,” “Awkward Silence,” “Double Knot,” “Levanter,” “Mixtape #4,” “Side Effects” and an encore performance of “MIROH” and “YAYAYA.”

Stray Kids also made their U.S. television debut this week as well on Monday (Jan. 27) on Live With Kelly & Ryan to perform the new English variant of their song “Levanter.”

Check out Stray Kids, HERE.

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