Simple Plan Part Ways With Longtime Bassist David Desrosiers

Simple Plan has parted ways with longtime bassist David Desrosiers after sexual allegations were made against him from several women on social media.

The band made a public statement saying that he withdrew from the band to work on his “personal issues,” while he also made a public statement saying that he is “truly sorry” for the harm that he has “caused to these women.”

“Following recent public statements, David Desrosiers is withdrawing from the band in order to work on his personal issues. We offer our deepest apologies to the women who were hurt by his actions,” Simple Plan wrote in a public statement on Instagram. “We are also sorry for all our fans who are disappointed by this regretful situation. We will, as a band, take time to pause, reflect and put in place guidelines to prevent similar situations from happening.”

“Recent public statements have led me to acknowledge that some of the interactions I have had with women have caused them harm. I have decided to withdraw from the band and seek professional help to educate myself and act appropriately in the future,” Desrosiers said in his statement on Instagram. “I am truly sorry for the harm I have caused to these women.”

Desrosiers previously left the band for a two-year hiatus for mental health issues in 2017 and returned in 2019.

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