Attila Photo By: Andrew Wendowski | Senses Fail Photo By: David Melendez
Attila Photo By: Andrew Wendowski | Senses Fail Photo By: David Melendez

Senses Fail’s Buddy Nielsen Calls Out Attila’s Chris Fronzak for Creating Adult Content on OnlyFans

The never-ending beef between Senses Fail frontman Buddy Nielsen and Attila frontman Chris Fronzak has started back up again, this time Nielsen criticizing Fronzak for being an OnlyFans content creator, where he goes by Daddy Fronz.

OnlyFans is a site that charges a monthly subscription for exclusive content from different public figures, usually used for exclusive adult content from the person. Fronz claims to be in the “top 1% of all content creators” on the platform.

“Music Industry. Like you all still support Fronz and he is literally having women dress up like maids and clean his house while he shoots porn. Literally,” Nielsen tweeted to fans about Fronzak. “Want to do something meaningful? Stop supporting bands with scumbags in them. Do more than just tweet about it.”

It didn’t take long before Fronzak replied to the tweet saying “Damn, that guy sounds pretty fucking awesome to me!”

“The fact that some old jaded band dude tried to attack my character because I consensually make porn blows my mind,” Fronzak then tweeted. “There are so many legit issues in the world right now & you’re gonna call me a scumbag because I make porn in a very respectful and fun environment? Eat shit dude.”

Fronzak continued: “Seems like some people just wanna attack people just for the sake of attacking people without any real criterion. Focus that effort on the real scumbags- Racists, rapists, etc. Calling people out without any authentication whatsoever is disrespectful to real victims & that sucks.”

Fronz continued to make fun of the comments that Nielsen made tweeting “OMG there’s a bunch of girls consensually naked in my pool right now…. I’m the biggest scumbag in music…. I’m the worst….. I’m so sorry…..”

Fronzak and Nielsen has fought via social media in 2014 insulting each other and then again on Vans Warped Tour in 2015 and then again in 2019 with the Warped Tour beef being reignited.

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