Sam Hunt Admits His Life “Drastically Changed” When His Daughter Lucy Lu Was Born

“I’ve just been in Heaven the past few months,” Hunt admitted of fatherhood.


Melinda Lorge


Posted on March 9, 2023

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Sam Hunt, Hannah Lee Fowler; Photo Courtesy of Facebook

Sam Hunt and his wife Hannah Lee Hunt’s (Fowler) daughter Lucy Lu came into the picture in the summer of 2022. Since then, the country music superstar has only released a few tracks as he’s been keeping busy with his new role as a father.

On Friday (March 10) Hunt will release a song called “Outskirts.” The tune will follow releases “Walmart,” “Start Nowhere,” and “Water Under the Bridge.” Now that his little girl will mark her first birthday in a few short months, Hunt is noticing her growth. He even says Lucy Lu is starting to recognize her daddy’s voice.

“She started to perk up and really show interest in me just a few months ago,” the 38-year-old Georgia native revealed during a recent round-robin with Music Mayhem and other media outlets. “And it seems to be growing, especially if she’s fed and napped. When she’s happy, she really loves me.”

Hunt’s Daughter Is Becoming More Aware He is Her Father

Even though Hunt is enjoying his little one’s responses to his voice, he admits that his wife has been more set on focusing on the nurturing side of things versus her baby girl’s awareness.

“I love it, but Hannah, not so much that [Lucy Lu] is really focusing in on me because when she’s trying to nurse if I’m in the room, she wants to look over her shoulder the whole time, and just won’t eat, which I’m obsessed with, but I have to leave the room a lot of times if she wants me to be quiet, not play the guitar in the other room or stomp around because she’s becoming more aware of me.”

Sam Hunt; Photo Provided
Sam Hunt; Photo Provided

He also shared that his daughter is becoming more aware of him as her father.

“I went to hand her off to the babysitter the other day, and she grabbed onto parts of my shirt to hang on. And that was a special little moment,” he continued. “So I think she’s becoming more aware of dad.”

Lucy Lu is becoming so aware of her famous father that she has even begun saying the word “dada.”

Hunt recently shared a video on Instagram of himself playing guitar while Hannah took the honor of reading a book to Lucy Lu. After reading the story, Hunt took his turn and sang Steve Earle’s “Valentine’s Day” to his child. But perhaps the most adorable moment is when little Lucy Lu can be heard saying the word “dada” as Hunt strums on his guitar.

Opening up about that moment, Hunt shares, “It melts my heart every time. She loosely associates “dada” with me, but I’ll take it because usually there are things that she wants. She’ll say, “dada” when she wants something, but she’s starting to hone in because I try to encourage it when she says, “dada,” to light up and give her a reaction, so she knows that that’s going to be me. So yeah, she’s been doing that for a little while and “mama” too. But it’s fantastic. I’ve just been in heaven the past few months.”

Aside from noticing the changes in his little one, Hunt also shares that having a baby in his world has changed things “drastically.”

“It’s changed drastically. I mean, the way I experience everything on a day-to-day basis has drastically changed. I rode down to live out outside of town, and there’s a little pond and gravel driveway. We live in a little cabin. There’s a little pond several hundred yards from the cabin. And when we first moved out there, I’d go down to the pond occasionally, but not all that often,” Hunt said.

Sam Hunt with wife Hannah and daughter Lucy; Photo via Instagram
Sam Hunt with wife Hannah and daughter Lucy; Photo via Instagram

Hunt continued, “Almost on a daily basis, I’ll take Lu down to the pond and just sit her down on the edge on the top of the canoe or just in the grass there. And I experienced the pond, and the birds and whatever else was going on in nature in a way that I was just numb to before having a child. And, so that goes for every other little thing, coffee in the morning or picking up a book and reading it as she’s playing on the floor. All those things that I didn’t get a whole lot of stimulation from maybe in the past all of a sudden, I’m experiencing ’em in a whole new way.”

Sam Hunt Shared A Rare Look Inside His Life As A Father

And, while Hunt tends to keep his personal life private, he did recently share a piece of his home life in a video on Instagram that’s coupled with the poem “Bluebird” by Charles Bukowski.

The clip shows Hunt spending time with his family, including his wife and baby. Opening up about his time at home, Hunt revealed that his brood will be on the lookout for a new settling place as they’re outgrowing their cabin.

“Yep, we definitely are. For the time being, we’re making due,” Hunt shared. “It’s built like a traditional cabin way back when it was like four rooms, and they’re all the same size, two on the bottom, two on top. There is a little bit of an addition on the back but not much. So yeah, we’re in the process of trying to figure out what our next move…. We’ve got the kitchen, and our little fireplace, the living room, the bedroom, and then the fourth room there. That’s where little Lu’s sleeping. But I think we’re going to have to figure something out before too much longer because you’re right, we’re out. We’re outgrowing the little cabin.”

Sam Hunt; Photo Provided
Sam Hunt; Photo Provided

As for the music side of things, Hunt says having Lucy Lu has changed his perspective on how he prioritizes his songwriting processes.

“I’ve loosened up quite a bit in that regard and just relaxed. Every little line of every little song, it doesn’t have to be perfect in terms of songs, you know, can’t always write a perfect song. Just relaxing and enjoying what I do instead of trying to control every little thing and overthinking every little thing about what I’m going to do, what I’m not going to do, what I will say, what I won’t say,” Hunt said. “She’s definitely put things in perspective in terms of just relaxing and enjoying and not letting my life completely revolve around writing songs or my career and where it’s going.”

Sam Hunt Will Soon Hit The Road

On July 6, Hunt will kick off his Summer on the Outskirts tour 2023, featuring Brett Young and Lily Rose as special guests.

The trek will mark its first stop in Hartford, Conn and will hit major cities throughout the country, including Atlanta, Boston, Dallas, Detroit, Mountain View, New York City, Orange Beach, and St. Louis before wrapping up on September 9 in Raleigh, N.C.

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