Public Figures React to Logan Paul’s “We Found A Dead Guy in Japanese Suicide Forest” YouTube Video

Popular YouTuber, Logan Paul posted a video yesterday on New Year’s Eve from Japan’s “Suicide Forest” which is a place in Japan, that is known as a place that many people go to end their lives. The part that disturbed millions of people online is that Paul’s followers, known as the LoGang are very young and with the on-going suicide issues that have been going on within the music community, bands and fans alike were not taking the video post lightly. Paul boasts at 15 million+ subscribers on his YouTube channel mostly consisting of children for his normally comical videos. Paul has since deleted the video off of his YouTube channel after getting everything from millions of hate tweets, threats, YouTubers trashing him on videos, and bands/fans/public figures alike have been posting their feelings on social media platforms across the web.

The famous YouTuber posted the original 15 minute vlog style video on Sunday showing him and some of his friends venturing through a forest at the base of Japan’s Mount Fuji, which is otherwise known as Japan’s “Suicide Forest” due to the high number of self-inflicted deaths that have occurred inside this Forest. Paul’s video, which is incredibly graphic to his very young following and even for adults, Paul and his friends stumble upon a dead body hanging from a tree, in which Paul then comes up close to the body and zooms and shows graphic details of the body including purple hands of the deceased person, while police are called. See TMZ’s video of the video below as Paul has since deleted the video due to the outstanding amount of backlash he has received.

Bands and public figures alike have taken their concerns/feelings to their social media accounts telling their fan bases how much they dislike and don’t appreciate Paul posting such a video. Paul has since deleted the video off of his YouTube channel as mentioned previously, Paul has also released a detailed statement telling fans his reasoning for posting such a horrific video, which can be read below.

See bands and public figures public statements regarding the situations below:


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