P!NK Unleashes Fierce Anthem filled New Album, Beautiful Trauma [Album Review]

P!NK is an extraordinarily talented, beautiful, caring, strong, empowering, fierce Doylestown, PA woman who’s career has been nothing but a whirlwind of success for the last seventeen plus years, conquering pop radio since day one. And with the triumphant return of the…


Andrew Wendowski


Posted on October 12, 2017

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P!NK is an extraordinarily talented, beautiful, caring, strong, empowering, fierce Doylestown, PA woman who’s career has been nothing but a whirlwind of success for the last seventeen plus years, conquering pop radio since day one. And with the triumphant return of the three-time Grammy award winner, P!NK is back to unleash her seventh studio album, Beautiful Trauma (via RCA Records) which comes out Friday, October 13th. This album is the follow-up to her The Truth About Love album which came out 5 years ago.

Launching the album with the first single “What About Us” which claimed the No. 1 spot on the Global iTunes charts and immediately flooded onto pop radio everywhere becoming the U.S.A.’s anthem as it’s politically charged sound may be a sign of the Democratic, anti-Trump resistance, which P!NK has made it clear she is not a fan. Since the release of “What About Us,” the song has soared onto Billboard’s Adult Pop Songs radio airplay chart at No. 18, marking the highest debut of Pink’s 22 career entries on the list and the highest debut by any song on the chart since Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” set a record No. 9 on Sept. 6th, 2014.

Listening to Beautiful Trauma, the album launches with the title track “Beautiful Trauma” which was written and produced with Bleachers frontman Jack Antonoff, who also co-wrote and produced another song on the album titled “Better Life.” Going right into what is slated to be P!NK’s next single from this album, “Revenge” which features Rap God, Eminem. The song is very catchy, bold, anthem for those who may have been cheated on and telling their significant other they will get revenge. The third song on the album is titled “Whatever You Want” which was released recently as a promotional single, continuing with her first single off the album “What About Us” which has a very soft piano driven beat accompanied by soaring, powerfully fierce yet emotion filled impeccable vocals. “But We Lost It” is the next song on the 13-track record which is an emotional ballad, filled with tear-jerking lyrics. Slowing it down a bit more for “Barbies” which is a song that speaks on how hard life is growing up, and the lack of beauty in the world today, in which she wishes she could return to her younger self when the world was a much better place. “Where We Go” is a thumping EDM styled song in which brings the need to dance along to the song as its infectious instrumental blends perfectly with P!nk’s strong vocals. The chorus just has that dance vibe to it, where you cannot help but dance along and it feels like a impactful song that was created for a live show.

The passion filled ballad, “For Now” which allows P!nk to show her stunning vocal prowess, with an impacting fierce chorus that the songs builds up to. “For Now” also allows fans to see what has made P!nk pop royalty, before going into another song called “Secrets” that showcases P!nk’s meaning filled lyrics. This song is particular telling fans “everybody’s got a secret” meaning everyone has something to hide, but that sure is not the case with P!nk as she is not afraid to speak her mind, with her don’t give a f**k attitude. Her powerful, impactful “I Am Here” which is her empowering anthem of positivity that says “I have already seen the bottom, so there is nothing to fear” and telling fans to take her with her imperfection and make it your perfection. I would say that, “I Am Here” is personally one of my favorite upbeat wowing tracks on the album, with this dance-floor anthem. “Better Life” is another song that was co-written and produced by Jack Antonoff, which you can hear that alternative rock vibe mixed with a piano and string propelled instrumental. “Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken” is politically charged song, that could also be taken as a very empowering song for a woman or man.  Ending the album with the sensual R&B styled piano driven love song, “You Get My Love.

Beautiful Trauma is overall a very powerful, empowering, forceful album filled with soaring beyond flawless vocals, thumping dance-floor anthems, pop hits, R&B fueled sing-a-longs, and even a rap song that is destined to be P!nk’s next No. 1 hit. Beautiful Trauma showcases P!NK’s unique vocal range which is so perfect, and has no autotune which many of her peers in the pop music world have to use. However, P!nk’s next to perfect vocals don’t need autotune and that is definitley highlighted within this album which makes it even more raw and beautiful.The album also allows P!nk’s honest, encouraging and uplifting activism and inspirational attitude to shine.Beautiful Trauma also serves as a distinct reminder that her voice is a powerful voice, both literally and metaphorically and she isn’t afraid to use it. Whether in a song or in a protest, the chart-topping, pop icon’s commitment to speaking her truths and standing up for what’s right has never been stronger then it is within this record.

I would definitley recommend picking up this album on iTunes, Spotify, etc but if you don’t no need to worry cause you will be forced to listen to these extraordinary hits as they we guarantee that they will ALL be flooding pop radio soon.

P!nk kicks off her 40-date Beautiful Trauma World Tour on Mar 1st, 2018 in Phoenix, AZ.


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