Fans at the recent Papa Roach concert in Sacramento, California were delighted when frontman Jacoby Shaddix introduced a very special guest to the stage to perform the band’s single “Traumatic” in front of the packed house.

“Traumatic” is such an amazing song, as it starts out slowly and then builds tempo up to an explosive chorus during which the audiences end up going completely wild. For any fans who have attended a Papa Roach show, you know exactly what we are talking about, a.k.a. a total “wall of death” track!

Shaddix’s son Brixton was brought out to help the band close-out the song and he absolutely rocked the house!  This little man just may be a bigger rockstar than his father!  Look-out Jacoby!

Young Brixton had control of the audience urging them to get down low and then jump as high as they could for the final chorus as he provided backing vocals for his dad. Such an epic music moment! Check out the video that was captured below:

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