Noah Thompson & Son Walker; Photos Courtesy of Instagram
Noah Thompson & Son Walker; Photos Courtesy of Instagram

Noah Thompson On His Son Walker Being His Biggest “Motivation”: “He’s Why I Really Wanna Do This”

When Noah Thompson first auditioned for American Idol, we got a glimpse of his simple life in Kentucky with his job, his friends and his family. Although going from his small town to Hollywood was a major step in his career, it also meant he had to be away from everything he knew back home. This wasn’t easy for the singer, but keeping his son, Walker on his mind got him through it all. 

Sitting down to chat with Music Mayhem, Thompson shared what life has been like since the show ended and how he stays motivated as he continues working towards becoming a country music star. 

After the “One Day Tonight” singer was crowned the season 20 Idol winner and was able to return home, he found himself overjoyed to be reunited with Walker and his girlfriend, Angel. Seeing them made Thompson realize just how difficult being apart for that time really was for all of them. 

“I really needed that and I feel like they needed that too,” he shared. “Being around Walker, that kind of just gave me a boost to get back out here and just really start playing shows and doing all the things. I needed that, for real.”

Being a young dad on the show separated Thompson from his competitors because his win wasn’t just for himself, it was also a win for his little boy. The 20-year-old explained that the most difficult part has been missing some of the biggest moments in his son’s life as he grows up right in front of his eyes. 

“I know I’m young and all, but having a kid does make it hard. I do obviously miss him a lot of the time, especially with him being so young. I kind of had to miss some things while I was doing American Idol, so that was hard for me, but it felt so good to kind of get home and just reconnect that way.”

When those hard days resurface, Thompson just remembers the reason he’s taking on this big leap of faith and pursing something he never thought would be possible. 

“He’s my exact reason for doing this. I mean he is my motivation for all of it. He’s the thing I think about all the time and why I really wanna do this.”

Going from a construction worker in Kentucky to sharing the stage with country stars like Jimmie Allen and Kameron Marlowe and playing the historic Bluebird cafe has been just a small part of this big adjustment. Since Thompson is still spending more time away from home than usual, playing shows and getting his feet wet in the industry, Walker and his girlfriend have also had to adapt to the new lifestyle. 

“It’s just a whole different lifestyle for all of us,” he told Music Mayhem. “Angel and me, we both kind of just had a hard time with it, but we’re getting used to it. It’s different, but it is what it is, you know? But it’s for the better and we both know that. It’s all moving in a positive way and that’s all that matters.”

When it comes to making goals for himself, Thompson once again finds himself thinking of how to better his son’s life. Buying a house for his family and paying off his truck are currently at the top of his list.

“Just simple things that need to be done, things that are needs rather than wants. Those are kind of my priorities right now,” Thompson admitted.

Thompson’s next show has yet to be announced, but until then, fans are anxiously awaiting the singer to drop the latest song he teased on social media, which he called “On The Outside.” 

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